Firefox Mobile unlikely browser on Windows Phone 7 after dev comment?

Making a joke with your competitor is always a risky thing, and taking a joke too far can put yourself or your company in between a rock and a hard place. Just ask Mozilla Platform Engineer Rob Sayre.

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IllusionRSN3503d ago

I'm just so sick of Windows and anything they make.

Cueil3503d ago

so you haven't seen Windows Phone 7?

gta28003503d ago

I have. And I honestly don't know what Microsoft is thinking. That thing has the sh1ttiest UI I've ever seen. It's so plain, it looks generic.

Spiderman3503d ago

Sort the dam title out. It makes no sense at all.

Fatal Blow3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Same hear that's why i have gone mac

ms guys just talks crap about other companies they need to look at there self first before taking a dump at others big mouth will get them no where probably in there own grave

thereapersson3503d ago

Internet Explorer is such crap; I don't know why Microsoft keeps acting like this is 1998 and IE was still gaining traction in the market.

Firefox might take up a lot of RAM, but at least it has more versatility and less security holes than Microsoft's ballyhooed effort...

Cueil3503d ago

a huge, massive, exteam step into the right direction... they have a preview... 14 megs... it passes all CSS3 test (much better than the almost half that 8 fails) It also is almost as fast as the new Chrome... Microsoft seems to be on a streak right now...

Silver3603503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

It is about the head of fire fox trying to get fire fox on the WP7Series brand of smart phones. And response to it being for casuals it will also have cloud office on it and enterprise. Damn the phone even streams netflix. And the UI is customizable you put on the front what you want. Do more research before you slam something.

Pillage053503d ago

@Fatal Blow "Same hear that's why i have gone mac
ms guys just talks crap about other companies..."

Have you ever seen a Mac commercial in the last 3 years? :\

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aCHU3503d ago

CHROME right here buddy WOOHOO!
chrome is badass and def a better performance then either firefox and IE..

however i do love Firefox though no doubt..
but as far as IE goes? Fvck that,i still hate it and have ben since a decade ago.

dragonelite3503d ago

Dont know i have a feeling windows 7 mobile will be huge and with Live integration it will be a more attractive mobile platform for them.

Windows 7M will be for the casuals and WM 6.5 will be the business platform. I know im getting a WM 7 i like the new custom ui.

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