Metro 2033 Review (ApertureGames)

From "There's enough originality, tension and atmosphere in Metro to save it from being just an average shooter, but there are too many little flaws that stop it from being something truly special."

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Al Bundy3496d ago

Killzone 2 killer? Nope, another false alarm.

Johandevries3496d ago

Too bad it actually plays a lot better than KZ2, which gets boring after one hour. And yes, I have it myself.

beans3496d ago

No not a KZ2 killer but it does have it's moments that outshine KZ2 graphically.

AliTheBrit193496d ago

Sorry but can someone link me to where people where calling it the Killzone 2 killer?


Let me guess, one troll, somewhere at sometime said it, and now you can use it as ammunition


Obama3496d ago

A lot of 360 fanboys were claiming it the killzone 2 killer, not just one.

XRider3496d ago

I have both Kz2 and Metro 2033 and both outshine each other at times.

HolyOrangeCows3496d ago

I'll rent it or wait for it to meet the bargain bin.

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chase1673496d ago

average game better luck next time

Chnswdchldrn3496d ago

its good for maybe one playthrough and thats it

being a primarily underground game, the vistas do get repetitive

if only it had taken a fallout 3 rpg open world approach, i mean its just oozing with gaming elements that could make it so

3496d ago
chickenlegs93496d ago

Hello,new to n4g,just wondering why this has ever been dubbed a kz2 killer???wheres the multiplayer?also if there is no multiplayer how long is the sp campaign?hope its longer than other games in the fps market...ever hopelessly sucked in by the hype train,chickenlegs...

Spiderman3496d ago

Welcome to N4G, the place where one troll makes up a stupid false hope, and all the sheep follow.

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