ResumePlay: Splinter Cell: Conviction Demo Impressions

ResumePlay writes, "For a project that was announced about three years ago, few games have been as forgotten as Splinter Cell: Conviction, the newest entry in the Sam Fisher saga. While there have been droplets of information and a bevy of unfulfilled release dates, not much has been completely forthright about this upcoming sequel. However, with a demo recently released on Xbox LIVE (the version that this reviewer played), Ubisoft proves that no matter the delay, the Splinter Cell franchise never completely loses its edge."

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brandynevils3504d ago

Plan on downloading this right now

SKGamer3504d ago

SplinterCell doesn't lose its edge, it just gets better and better.

This new version is going to kick so much ass, I cannot wait. Guess I need to tell the gf that plans for tonight changed... its demo time.

ape0073504d ago

the gameplay is satisfying, it's deep in stealth yet explosive and vicious

the game some smart cool new touches in its presentation

well done ubi

mau643504d ago

That's good to hear... I'm gonna download this as soon as I can.

FooFooMcSnoo3504d ago

Ill be downloading this as well, sounds cool. Thanks for the preview.

pimpmaster3504d ago

what r u talking about, the splintercell demo is horrible. thanks ubi for turning splintercell into another casual third person shooter.

VenerableBmoney3504d ago

Instead of a closed comment, why don't you create an open-ended discussion? That's why these forums are here.

What didn't you like? How is this more "casual" than Double Agent or Chaos Theory. I know these games have generally paled compared to the first one, but they haven't fallen off completely.

And Ubisoft has been onboard for them all, so they didn't just ruin Conviction. If you think that, you have to blame them for ALL the games together.

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