StarCraft 2 Beta Giveaways Are Starting

The first StarCraft 2 Beta Key giveaway has been sighted and the rest of the "fansite program" keys seem likely to drop any day.

Blizzard has promised their many StarCraft 2 fansites they will receive beta keys to give away. Hopefully, we might just see the start of that now as StarCraft: IncGamers is currently having a StarCraft 2 beta key giveaway, even if it's just for supporting members initially.

More beta keys will be available and IncGamers have been in contact with other fansites to ask them about their plans as well.

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Terrice4635d ago (Edited 4635d ago )

Great news, it's always nice to get more players on the beta servers.

I don't know about the rest of you, but it'd be nice to see more than Terran players (which is all I seem to get to play against...) :)

Leord4635d ago

That sounds nice. I mean each individual contest will just have a few keys, but the whole lot of fansites together means pretty good chances!

Cogo4635d ago

Good point. There's only so many thousands of active fans on fansites, and (depending on how many keys Blizzard will give away) I think each one fan will have a pretty good chance of getting in between opt-ins and these contests (or pure giveaways like this one).

Recka4635d ago

Really? Terran? Well they're alot more interesting in SCII but I would never think the majority would be Terran...

King Klear4635d ago

Still, odds are that most of the new plyers will play terran first =)

Terrice4635d ago

Well, maybe it's just my bad luck, haha...

DJDarkstar4635d ago

Aye I can see why most new players go Terran first, being humans and all :P

Recka4635d ago

Protoss are the sexiest ;D

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Dorjan4635d ago

I've already got mine but more to play with is always a good thing! :D

Leord4635d ago

If you get one of those "invite a friend" things, make sure to give it away to people in need! :)

Recka4635d ago

Everyone thinks they "need" a key ;D I know my entire guild wants them and I see it in gchat and hear it in vent all the time they talk about it.

Cogo4635d ago

Not that massive amount of keys, but at least feels more likely to get one this way than using opt-ins.

More giveaways will likely follow suit as well!

Recka4635d ago (Edited 4635d ago )

That's awesome to hear! :D

DJDarkstar4635d ago

This is Definately good news :D

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