Destructoid Counterpoint: God of War III is too long, boring

Anthony Burch writes, "It's rare that anyone complains about a game being too long. Sure, game designer Randy Smith argued as much in his recent GDC rant, but you never hear us regular gamer-types arguing that we got too much for our money. I've never personally complained that a game was too long, so long as I liked its basic gameplay.

Never, that is, until God of War III.

During my first few hours with God of War III, I loved it. I loved controlling Kratos again, loved figuring out the new combos, loved hurtling through ridiculously epic set pieces and doing unforgivably brutal things to people. About five hours later, however, I was less enthused. Why was the game still going when its story promised me an intense buildup to a satisfyingly bloody vengeance? Why was I still getting into the exact same fights with the exact same enemies, capped off with the exact same QTE finishers?

Why, in other words, is God of War III so needlessly long?"

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NateNater3226d ago

So in their official review they give it a flawless 10/10. But now they're calling it too long and the worst game in the series?

WTF is going on at Destructoid?

swiftshot933226d ago

Actually, most people that have been playing the game are saying that the first boss isnt the best, and also, theres a lot of variety with bosses. And I could also list all the sites that said the ending was definitely satisfying, but that list would be too long.

I completely disagree with this article.

andron3226d ago

For the hits and attention. I don't read Dtoid any more, there are so many better sites out there...

krouse933226d ago

God Of War 3 is the best game I have ever played, The Combat, The attention to EVERY LITTLE DETAIL, The fluidity, The difficulty. It can only be described as Phenomenal!

Serjikal_Strike3226d ago

1st the game is too short(7-8hrs)
now its too long? WTF?

im over 10 hrs(titan mode) into gow3 and this game is EPIC...
best action game ever..mind blowing...beautifully brutal!

-Alpha3226d ago

The person who gave it 10/10 didn't write this article. There is no reason to affiliate Destructoid to have a unified view on the game. Though the writer is entitled to his opinion I don't find he sincerely believes what he says and that he is doing this for the incentive to get hits: I really didn't read the article past the "Spoilers" warning, so you tell me.

Michael Myers3225d ago

too long and boring? u gave it a 10! this is comical i hope it gets approved!

exnihilonihilfit3225d ago

They've clearly lost their minds over there. What do you expect from a site that has consistently worked to destroy what little journalistic integrity they ever had?

Winter47th3225d ago

They give a whole new meaning to Attention Whores. But hey, whatever gets' em moaning I guess.

SullyDrake3225d ago

If a game looks good I'll buy it. If it sucks I'll trade it in for 3/4 of the original value (unless the game is part of that deal where you bring the game back within a week for a full credit refund).

Digitaldude3225d ago

Tut tut, running it into the ground.

morganfell3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Hit generation at it's most ridiculous. Anyone thinking they are going to find and material of substance is sadly mistaken.

pimpmaster3225d ago

destructiod does reviews? i dont care what that girl that looks like a dike thinks! lol but for real she looks like a lesbo or guy or something inbetween.

coolfool3225d ago

This article is purposefully against the grain, a different point of view.

Look up "counterpoint". It's a musical term.

I think they still like the game but they are just trying to see the other side of the coin.

DeZv33225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Oh come on, this sh*t again?I mean,its one thing to wirte an article like this once...its funny, it riles ppl up, yadda yadda yadda.

But doing it again and again, after a big game is released?

I mean, if you keep on telling the same joke over and over again it just won't be funny anymore and you'll end up being told to just STFU.

To me this 'article' only means one thing about Destructoid: they are completly out of ideas and absolutely desperate for hits.


vhero3225d ago

Suprised they didn't give it a lowball review score but it was probably a cover as they are one of the biggest 360 fanboy sites about. Never been a fan of GOW though and certainly wont be getting GOWIII nor do I know 1 person in the UK who owns a PS3 who is getting it (so much for a system seller). But hey it was a never a big seller over here anyways. My point is many games are long and boring but usually reviewers give that as a plus point lol.

Millah3225d ago

Just don't click the link guys. Its simple, Destructoid does this nonsense for hits. They are a troll/flamebait site. Expecially considering they just gave FF13 a 4/10, which they knew would cause a stirrup.

F--- Destructoid and all these other troll sites.

evrfighter3225d ago

he makes a valid argument. I havn't touched it in 2 days. beat hercules and im back in tartarus...

went back to ff13. most likely will be trading it in for bc2 for one of my consoles.

kancerkid3225d ago

Why is everyone afraid to admit that even the best games have major flaws? So what if he points them out.

sid4gamerfreak3225d ago

WTF???? How is GOW 3 boring???Has Destructoid gone completely nuts?

Oh right, MS payed them to do this...

Raf1k13225d ago

'Why was I still getting into the exact same fights with the exact same enemies, capped off with the exact same QTE finishers?'

What's wrong with this guy? This question can be applied to 99.99% of games.

Eddie201013225d ago

I played through God Of War 3 In about 11hrs. but that 11hrs. didn't seem like 11hrs. it was so good. I wouldn't have minded if it were 11hrs. longer to be honest. Hell, my jaw was in my lap so much of the time playing it, absolutely amazing game.

Pennywise3225d ago

Destructoid is a Rick Roll website. They should only be submitted to Badjoystick for the comic value it brings to some people. By this point, not one gamer with a brain can think they are credible.

Christopher3225d ago

They should just rename the article "Destructoid Counter Point: Criticizing God of War III for the hits"

Fanb0y3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

You guys are as stubborn as hell. If anything, you should be 'hating' on Jim Sterling, not all of Destructoid. This is a decent article.
The Destructoid comments section is way more fun to read than those on N4G.

1) Destructoid gave God of War 3 a 10/10

2) Destructoid does not only have one opinion. It's run by several people, probably with different opinions and tastes in games.

3) This is a 'counterpoint'

4) It's always nice to look at all games from a different, critical point of view. Sure, you can believe that his is the best game ever made and leave it at that, but a critical point of view can bring in new insight.

Sharpshell3225d ago

sometimes Dtoid is intolerable...

for a brief period it was a somewhat unique website with a less mainstream focus, but now it is a completely mainstream focus but tries to maintain its counter-culture image by being trolls

DOMination3225d ago

I totally agree with the article actually. Ninety Nine Nights 2 is the true king of hack and slash and it's coming exclusively to 360 later in the year.

Anon19743225d ago

Perhaps they should consider a new focus, like maybe become a golf magazine or something because it's becoming more and more obvious that, not only do they not like videogames, they don't really know anything about them.

Either way, this site has become a joke.

raztad3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Obvious desperate attempt for hits. Dont hit the article and Destructoid will learn that quality>flamebait.

GoW3 is concentrated quality. Every minute is worth the price of admission.


Your comment is very funny considering FFXIII being linear as hell for more than 3 times GoW3's supposed length. What makes thing worse is those 20+ hours are the reason everybody and their mom is knocking FFXIII score. Funny sh!t. Each to his own.

boodybandit3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Is it too long or too short?
Wow the nonsense from the media never ends. Destructoid was once a half way decent site now it's just complete garbage. I really wish all this BS would stop and the media would start being more positive about the industry they cover. Articles like this add nothing but more fuel for fanboy/troll BS!

Come on N4G. Take a stand and start being more selective and stop allowing complete garbage like this to pass approval. What does this: "The Gamer Zone is for members who want a more friendly and civilized discussion. This section is heavily moderated by the N4G staff, so leave your fanboyism at the door please." mean if all I see on this site anymore is garbage to fuel division and negativity? Why not ban garbage articles to the open zone along with trolls and fanboys?

freeblue3225d ago

I guess when the IGN firing did scare some of the game "journalists" a little bit. I guess they can't continues count on xbox fans to grow their sites. and PS fans has come to realization that we don't need to give them hits and support those sites.

I'm glad sites like this are sooo despeartely need hits and visitors that they have to write these kind of articles. I'm expecting a similiar IGN announcement from this site soon.

likedamaster3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

The point of this game is that its a hack-n-slash with QTEs done right and one with an actual story. Looks great in motion too. Sure it has slowdowns with the fps coming down to a crawl and it can be long(Gow2 was definitely long) but still a great game.

Consoldtobots3224d ago

uhm because all the fanboys have been crying over 5 hour games this generation ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO BLURAY, now they get a long game and they complain. This is why developers ignore the majority of the citicism.

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slave2Dcontroller3226d ago

Let me get out the cleaning supplies. This is gonna be a mess.

-Alpha3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Actually there is no need to cry over this article. It's clearly backwards and I find the title inflammatory but getting mad about it only creates the drama that the writer likely is looking for. I don't really care how he views God of War and am not going to tell him he's wrong to find it boring or long (primarily because I haven't played GoW3 lol), but I think when stuff like this gets sent to N4G it's made to get a reaction out of people. He shouldn't be afraid to say what he wants to say but he better damn well have good reasons for it. I am not reading the article because of the spoilers, but I would really like to see how this guy tries to justify his claims.

anh_duong3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

alpha male, you are right. the fact that destrucoid writes articles like this every week to antagonise people is quite telling. destucoid loves writing these articles because they get attention.

real life analogy, the best anyone can do is treat it how you would if you were supernanny and destructoid is that little attention seeking kid soiling its nappy.

just ignore it. getting angry doesn't solve any issues you have and only prolongues the attention seeking behaviour.

show maturity and rise above the baiting.

morganfell3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

If the author isn't wrong to find the game boring then others are not wrong to get mad, flip out, or find him at best, full of crap.

Abash3226d ago

Destructoid just couldn't sleep at night knowing that they hadn't made a flamebait article for GoW3 yet. I can't say I'm surprise.

sashimi3225d ago

This is kinda funny.....GOWIII boring they say...hahahahahahaha what the hell are they smoking lol.

Kalowest3225d ago

I agree GoW can get boring.