StarCraft II: Beta – Invite a Friend

A number of people already participating in the beta have received an additional beta key which allows them to invite a friend.

Short quote of the e-mail:

"Congratulations! This is an additional invitation to the beta test for Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty for you to share with a friend! You are receiving this email because you are currently participating in the StarCraft II beta test, and we want to encourage you to test out some of the social features of the revamped® online-gaming service by inviting one of your friends to play with you."

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SCFreelancer3846d ago

I didn't see this coming, but since I am fortunate to be in beta I think it is really cool to get the chance to invite one of my friends :D

Cogo3846d ago

I REALLY love this by Blizzard, rather than just inviting bums via opt-in.

Leord3846d ago

Well, it's a good way to increase the potential fanbase of the game.

If they are not scared off by the fact it's a BETA test. Some people expect the full thing in betas, puf!

Bilbo653846d ago

Kinda lame if your ask me, most of the people who are in are Wow Blizzconers (and Wow Opt ins for that matter), people with starcraft/warcraft tied to thier account should be getting the keys not the friends of wow people (more wow people).

But whatever i don't mind waiting for the release date.

King Klear3846d ago

Yeah, I hope to get one myself...

xXjxXdOggY3846d ago

if anyone has an extra beta key id slip u few bux on me

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Orphan3846d ago

This will be interesting. It'll effectively double the current beta population it would seem.

SCFreelancer3846d ago

Yea, IF everyone who is in got one that should be true. And theoretically you should get more people with love for the game since the more fanatical fans tend to get their hands on a key earlier.

Cogo3846d ago

I doubt ALL beta key holders will get these mails!

Makroyale3846d ago

I play the game quite a bit so maybe you're selected on how often you play??

Terrice3846d ago

Excellent, this should boost the player count abit. Plus allows some who have been waiting for ages to join.

Leord3846d ago

I suppose there's no more major "waves" then...

Cogo3846d ago

There probably never were proper "waves" on Blizzard's side of things anyway. I mean loads of tiny tiny ones, more than biggies.

Orphan3846d ago

Indeed. I'm not sure how a wave can be this large (if it's as large as I think it is) again

Terrice3846d ago

Hmm...didn't Blizzard say that there will still be future waves in a recent blue post?

Medievaldragon3846d ago

They want to keep beta testing continuous. Not everyone plays everyday. Some are busy with school/college, or play World of Warcraft and don't have time to play beta + fulfill their WoW guild raiding schedules.

Bandreus3846d ago

also, they still need to hit the critical player number they're aiming for ;)

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