Do PS3 and Xbox 360 Exclusives Sell the Same?

ResumePlay writes: There was a recent post on N4G regarding the sales of PS3 and 360 exclusives. ResumePlay was appalled by the quality of the reporting, since the writer just picked 5 random exclusives to compare, with no reason for picking those games.

So ResumePlay decided to do some research, and compile a more rational, scientific list of the sales data. They don't make any conclusions here about which system is better, they just want to get the real facts out there. You can take a look for yourself, and make your own judgements.

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stoppre3409d ago

This is a pretty interesting article. I guess i never noticed how many exclusives xbox had.

morganfell3409d ago

You haven't noticed them because they are forgettable. The article should ask which exclusives are better...ooops, we know that already.

kissmeimgreek3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

has forza 3 really almost sold 4 million?

EDIT: oops didnt mean to reply with this comment

stoppre3409d ago

Actually...Besides GRAW and DEAD or ALIVE...I liked and played all of those exclusives for xbox. There is just so many that its hard to remember them all. I take in so much gaming news and articles that i forget past games sort of easily.

Natsu X FairyTail3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

That's some good sales for the Xbox360 exclusives. Good numbers for the ps3 games to. But I expected a bit more for some of them.

stoppre3409d ago

Once Gran Turismo 5 actually comes out it could very well be the best selling ps3 game. Thats pretty impressive that Prologue did so well. It outsold uncharted and uncharted 2... i know its popular but with such a lengthly time between releases you would think it would lose some players.

Shadow Flare3409d ago

Through the power of research, you will see that GT5, just like its predecessors will sell at least 10 million worldwide. But being the first iteration for the ps3, the first with online, damage, weather, nascar etc. and the shear length of time fans have had to wait, I expect it to sell GT3 numbers. Towards the 15 million mark. The kind of numbers no xbox exclusive has ever sold

kissmeimgreek3409d ago

also way above the kind of numbers ps3 exclusives have sold.

see. i can do that to

EVILDEAD3603409d ago

I saw a recent post on N4G regarding the sales of PS3 and 360 exclusives.

LMAO @ 'recent'..the other article was only published 5 hours's not even cold..and you reply with another blog? Classic

With that said..the other article was already eaten alive in the commments section..if you are using VG or any other source it still comes back the same..360 ahead

If you use the top 10 alone the 360 tops the PS3 by over 13 million..

Even if this article tries to point out areas where it feels the PS3 shines for example when it says;

The Xbox 360 has the top couple sellers with its well-known shooters, which is no surprise, but PS3 had more games that sold over 3 million copies (7 to 6).

LOL...if that stat honestly matters..then why stop there?

The PS3 has more games that sell over 3 Millon (7-6)
The 360 has more games that sell over 4 Million (4-1)
The 360 has more games that sell over 5 Million (3-0)
The 360 has more games that sell over 6 million (2-0)
The 360 has the #1 selling exclusive this Generation

The 360 obviously has the biggest list.but it's clear they both have some great games on both sides

I own 15 of the 21 Xbox 360 games listed & 6 of the 12 PS3 games listed. Hands down this is the best gen ever..with amazing experiences on BOTH systems.

I'll let the usual fan trolls pretend that the 360 list is 'forgettable'..the numbers don't lie

The 360 doesnt always come out on top in other areas..(that would be like an article claiming the PS3 is second to the 360 in Japan)..but when it comes to game sales..the 360 has definately led this gen thus far.


JasonPC360PS3Wii3409d ago

Only 4 on the PS3 side is rated 9 and above. 360 has 8 when you side by side the list. Total for the 360 side is 11 with a score 9 or higher.

So... you were saying?

SKGamer3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

@ EvilDead
Yeah, I made no effort to hide which article I'm responding to. That one was really bad, there was nothing logical, scientific, or journalistically responsible about it. But yet I doubt mine will get as high heat, because the inaccuracies of his drove up the popularity. Its sad that sometimes misleading articles get more attention than true ones.

As for your comment on the number of games that sold X million, I saw those numbers as well. I'm just trying to point out some positive points of each line-up, to try and stay neutral here.

RememberThe3573409d ago

So much pain over sales numbers. Lets be clear about VGChartz, their numbers are educated guesses. From the "About Us" section of
"At the core of VGChartz is a team of analysts with over ten years of experience, who are commited to providing weekly estimates of current videogaming trends. Sales estimates are split into three major regions – Americas , Japan and Others – and are arrived at via a number of proprietrary and ever-developing methods:

* Polling end users to find out what games they are currently purchasing and playing
* Polling retail partners to find out what games and hardware they are selling
* Using statistical trend fitting and historical data for similar games
* Studying resell prices to determine consumer demand and inventory levels
* Consulting with publishers and manufacturers to find out how many units they are introducing into the channel"

So for those of you parading around on your high horse I suggest you hop off right about now. If sales is the only thing that matters to you guys I suggest you also turn in your gamer card. Touting sale for the sake of sales is lame. The only reason sales should ever matter is if a game that deserves it is selling well.

EVILDEAD3603409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

@ SK

No disrespect intended..I always laugh at clashing articles. Especially how soon yours came out..

But I won't deny the fact that your is significantly better than the other one..and usually when two article clash the second one sucks even worse than the first..

But, I still just keep it real when it comes to this subject..the numbers don't lie...

As for the Wii? The numbers for their 1st part exclusives are's not just the ridiculous install base..its the fact that Nintendo has got the casual/family sales on lock..

See hardcore will do numbers..but there are always new parents that have to entertain their kids every year..and that install base will always trust Nintendo & Wii fit was F-ing brilliant

What is truly amazing this gen is when the hardcore audience pushes games like the Halo & Call of Duty series into Mass Media numbers. Hundreds of thousands play Halo online every day close to THREE years after it was launched...Modern Warfare 2 shot up an entire civilian airport and its SP and MP have driven the game to over 7 million+ per console..that is what is impressive no matter how you cut it..

Just my take


Edit..the funny part is that he changed the originsl article and wrote two trying to insult the N4gers that proved him

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GR8 13409d ago

PS3 is in 3RD place for a reason which is:

1. Exclusive games on ps3 do poorly in sales
2. Most of the games which come out are FPS which ps3 crowd hates they love only QTE.
3. They hate Multi-Platform games.
4. They are Queer.
5. They love there movies more than games.

deadreckoning6663409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

"You haven't noticed them because they are forgettable. The article should ask which exclusives are better...ooops, we know that already."

Ur right, the majority of Americans would say that 360 exclusives are better and the wider majority would say that Wii exclusives are the best...what's ur point????

@Natsu- Thx. I try =)

Natsu X FairyTail3409d ago

haha you owned him. GOod work.

SKGamer3409d ago

I don't think anyone can fairly call EITHER side forgettable or bad. Those are some amazing titles on both sides of the line, enough to keep both Xbox and PS3 owners happy and busy.

I wonder how it'd look if I put the Wii over-1-million club next to those guys... I'm sure their list would be much much longer, but might not look as good. What do you guys think?

mau643409d ago

This is pretty interesting data.

jack who3409d ago

took 3 years for Uncharted too sell what halo 3 did in 24hr

nuff said

JasonPC360PS3Wii3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

Ouch! and that was their biggest game this gen. LOL, Mass Effect 2 is halfway to UC2 and it's only two months old :D

Tony-A3409d ago

Not smart enough to realize jack was talking about Uncharted 1?

Uncharted 2 is months old.... not 3 years.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3409d ago

UC2 is 6 months old

ME2 is 2 months old

YoungKiller253409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

Do you not realize how ignorant your comment was?

You said that Mass Effect 2 was almost half of U2 sales and its only been out two months. Can be found Here-

You also acknowledge how old each game is. Can be found Here-

By what you said both of these game are selling at SAME SPEED

Here Mass Effect 2's first week and month at just over 1.2 million for the month

Now heres Uncharted 2's week and month

Notice how Mass Effect 2 has sold quite alot in the first weeks but then just drops of the face of the charts with less than 100K every week? While uncharted 2 has sold over 100K every week except MW2 week? of course just something to take note of.

So even though Mass Effect 2 sold 1.58 million copies on the 360 in 2 months its not gonna sell at that rate any more: which means that it wont get to the 3.03 million mark in 4 more months which ME2 would have to double its sales in order to do. Which proves why your statement is covered so vaguely by the fanboy goggles you have bolted to the sparse insides of your skull!

Uncharted 2 FTW!!!
Playstation 3 (It Only Does Everything)

Tony-A3409d ago

Thank you.... I was waiting for him to say something else about numbers.

Mo0eY3409d ago

Don't bother replying to Jason 360. He was hyping up Metro 20/33 so his opinion is invalid. Poor bots are so desperate for an exclusive they'll hype up anything.

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