New SOCOM Screenshot

New screenshot of SOCOM: Confrontation, the upcoming exclusive for PS3.

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aiphanes4313d ago

Now this is what i am talking about!!! I can not wait till this beta starts!

power of Green 4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

I'm sure it will be fun, the skin is amOung the best i'v ever seen the rest looks likE sh*t. Meh IS THIS 4-REAL WHATS UP WITH THE GUN AND LIGHTING. All and all i like how PS3 can map real faces for testure shortcuts but the rest of this game should be fun to say the least WHOOPS! wait i'v already said it looks like poo.

DrWan4313d ago

the game is less than 1 year in development, last time they showed at Gamer's Day was only 4 or 5 months worth of work.

nextgengaming184313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

This was one of the better character designs in game. The textures of the cloth are unreal, and the lighting is near perfect. It may not match mass effect greatness, but the enviroments in this game are much better then in mass effect. This is probably cgi though. Also I heard they only worked on this for 4 months. This is a very talented dev though for creating the engine of syphon filter dark mirror for psp.

razer4313d ago

Really just try and compare this game to Mass Effect? Wow, now that is dillusional...

DrWan4313d ago

I actually don't think this is CGI, i think this is in game.

nextgengaming184313d ago

Glad that you gave me a disagree for stating that the character designs aren't as good as mass effect, but the environments look better.

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BlackIceJoe4313d ago

I really hope there is a beta for this game. The beta for Warhawk just ended so I can't wait to play the final game of that. I just hope that there is a beta of Socom so that I can get a taste of what is to come out before the final game comes out.

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The story is too old to be commented.