Do Gamers Really Care About Achievements?

While a recent study on Achievement trends lead industry analyst Jesse Divinch to ask if Achievements are too hard, a GoGamingGiant article argues that the reason may simply be that most gamers don't care about them.

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Murgatroyd73190d ago

Although I don't personally have much interest in achievements (I mainly go after them to kill time), most people I come across seem rather obsessed. I mean, there are people who won't buy DLC if it doesn't come with achievements, or they make their purchase decisions based on how easy the achievements are. Lately, I've even seen reviews that give games lower scores because of difficult or uninteresting achievements. Sure, they can be fun sometimes, but games were fun for years before achievements showed up. We don't need them and it's a bit pathetic to see how well Microsoft's marketing plan has worked.


If someone has all three gaming platforms and a multi-plat game comes out but only 1 has achievements which one would people choose then? I had this problem from 2006-2008(early). I just felt like I was getting an incomplete version if it didn't have achievements.

dangert123189d ago

When i play games i will check the list to see what i can get or do to get one...if i can't manage them or don't like the game and have achievments for it i want 2 delete them but you can't =/

JustinSaneV23190d ago

I used to care somewhat about getting as many achievements from a game as possible before I was finished with it but anymore I hardly remember that they even exist.

Convas3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Just look at my Gamercard! :3

But seriously, I'm a completionist in moderation. I buy the games I LIKE and then work at 1K'ing them. For instance, I knew beforehand that Grand Theft Auto 4, Halo 3, and Battlefield: Bad Company had notorious achievements that required alot of dedication and hardwork. But I still went ahead and bought them because I wanted to play the game. The achievements come in second.

However, if I'm on the fence about a game, and the list comes out looking like it'll be a bore, I won't buy it. That simple. I must WANT the game first, then after I've enjoyed it, I will work at completing it. Completely. :D

Note: KF Panda and Lego Indy don't count because they came with the Xbox.

dangert123189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

i have played 42 games and you have 9 and your gamer score is just below mine

and your almost perfect in every game...well done neway props were its due ur obz quiet a gamer

arny3190d ago

of course I care about achievement that why I play games for achievements achievements are my life

Go Gaming Giant3190d ago

I don't mind achievements as long as they are just for fun

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