EA welcomes Tiger's return

Those of you who've dared to stray from today may well have noticed that Tiger Woods has announced that he will, following last year's 'transgressions', return to the world of competitive golf at the Masters in Augusta next month.

It's good news for Tiger, good news for golf and good news for journalists – and also good news for publisher EA.

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Zedux3138d ago

99.9999999999999999999999999% of human male population would had done what Tiger did including myself!

snp3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Nah, most people aren't cheats.

Majority of guys have too much respect for themselves and their girl and what they've got together.

Cheating's an arrested development/immaturity thing. It's for guys who actually don't understand what a committed relationship is - and probably really shouldn't be in one (although i guess they like the status of it or something...). No actual grown up would spit in the face of the person (and relationship) they're supposed to value most - and at times lean on - and certainly not just on behalf something as banal as a transitory moment with some random alternate vagina.

Apart from everything else, it just displays a massive lack of a sense of humour and proportion.

Chaos Striker3138d ago

Moving on to a different set of holes I see! ;-)