Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Has Freezing Issues

Kotaku: In the West, role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII is a multi-platform game, getting a release on the Xbox 360 and the PS3. While the PS3 version might look better, individuals are claiming that there are freezing issues.

"For me it happens in the exact same spot (1st level, right after 3rd group of enemies, while jumping over 2nd pile of rubble) on multiple copies of the game," writes Kotaku reader Evan. "When it freezes, I can still go to the menu/map/xmb, but I cannot move in the game. Also when it happens, it starts making loud noises (explosions and yelling) at 3 times the volume it had previously been. The sounds will continue if I leave and go to the menu (not the xmb.)"

Evan owns a launch 60GB PlayStation 3. The video file he sent does not have any sound.

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Superduper093190d ago

I have the PS3 version but I haven't experienced a single freezing issue yet. I am on chapter 11 (Gran Pulse) atm.

Dragun6193190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I think this is just an isolated event, Wouldn't freezing a lot a sign especially for a 60gb PS3 mean you need to reapply thermal paste on your PS3 or was that just for overheating?

Well my copy is working well and right now i'm enjoying the game. Just reached Gran Pulse and man I feel Sorta lost now that they just suddenly drop me in one big map but its cool, it has totally made the game a lot better.

Darkeyes3190d ago

Kotaku trying to bring down a game which is better on PS3... Wow now that is new/sc

butterfinger3190d ago

a couple of vids about this on YouTube with at least one guy being pretty far in the game before it happened to him. I have the PS3 version on Chapter 6, and I'm loving it. I seriously hope this doesn't happen to myself or anyone else that cranks a lot of hours into this game.

Frulond3190d ago

same here... I think I'm on chapter 10 and 0 freezing issues

sunil3190d ago

Chapter 9 ... just unlocked the team member selection option ... no freezing...

i do have the latest firmware installed.

MmaFanQc3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

im 30hrs in the game, no problem at all.

this "article" =fail.

RUMOR: Retards approve stupid article based on nothing......

oh yeah....ITS A FACT!

-Alpha3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

It's one of those things that tends to happen with many games and I find it quite standard. It is disappointing for it to happen with games like RPGs where data loss is a huge issue. Hopefully people remember to save often-- actually, that's exactly why I save every few minutes as I am constantly paranoid about freezing issues in games.

Oh, and taking one guy's experience and calling it a rumor is a poor, cheap way to start controversy. Call me back when it becomes RRoD-big.

morganfell3190d ago

Public trash sites like kotaku are really feeling the heat. They had better hope the their shrinking fanbase can keep that idiot crecente stocked in hair gel because PS3 fans know that trash site is as biased and worthless as edge.

Reibooi3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I have the PS3 version and have already completed the game and never once did it freeze. It is either a persons broken PS3 or their disc is messed up.

I am now attempting Titan's Trails(HOLY CRAP WITH THE HARDNESS) and still no freezing.

Christopher3190d ago

This is getting way more attention than it deserves.

rexus123453190d ago

At chapter 7, no freezing

Sharpshell3190d ago

I have an original 60 gig and no freezing issues, strange no?

GrieverSoul3190d ago

So this is what N4G came to be!? A rumor news section bashing the best version on FFXIII?!!?

OMG!!! The answer is in the f******* title!!! Swap the PS3 and see if it happens! He even goes and say he tried multiple copies of the game!! OMG!!! How dumb are you?! I gotta a news story for you:

Brace yourselfs:

"Evans owns a PS3 that freezes on a certain spot on several FFXIII copies!"

Lifendz3190d ago

Freezing issues! Well I guess this lends credence to all those reviews that scored the game lower on the PS3 version. Thank goodness Kotaku is around to report what other sites wouldn't! /s

monfa3190d ago

Mine started freezing at chapter 3 , usually after a battle right before the score comes up, pressing the eject button unfreezes it for 5 sec till the disc comes out kind of warm.
It still plays BD movies fine but Dragon Age now also started freezing (same effect with eject and have many hours in that game without any hitch).
With so few people having issues and me doubting that FF killed my drive I'm just going to assume that after 3 years the drive's life is at an end.

Dark-vash3190d ago

and no problems at all...

been playing for periods of 4 to 6 hours straight and not one single freeze!

Neo6043190d ago

If so why is it a rumor.
I heard xbox ff13 version create scratch discs.

CimmerianDrake3190d ago

...a launch PS3 and it hasn't happened to me yet.

Redempteur3190d ago

LOL that game didn't froze on me /
by the way every game can freeze ..maybe it's your harddrive. as for me the problems i had with my ps3 freezing were cured once i upgraded my 60gb to 250 gb

Alvadr3190d ago

60GB PS3 Fat right here.

30 hours in! not one glitch, freeze, or single moment of discontent.

iamtehpwn3190d ago

Ps3 JPN version.
not 1 freeze.

MazzingerZ3190d ago

Since when this kind of stuff can be a rumour? either it has or it doesn't...if there are no dozen of posts about this in the PS forums or att Square Enix then this is just BS. BluRay > 7 DVDs

HolyOrangeCows3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Oh please, if there was an issue, it wouldn't have a "rumor" status with how long it has been out.

Kotaku; Integrity at its finest.

andron3190d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Anyway I'm 5 hours in (all in one sitting) and have not experienced any issues. Have a Euro launch PS3.

I mean the game has been out on PS3 exclusively in Japan for a while, so if there was a big issues we would probably have heard about it already...

Edit: Actually read the "article", and it's strange that Kotaku singles out the PS3 version when the original rumour starts with 360 freezing issues...

CrippleH3189d ago

Not anybody posted any freezing on Neogaf. Loltaku is what we call them.

vhero3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Not a problem on my copy and i'm near the end of Chapter 11 after just beefing my characters fora few hours. This sounds like a 360 fanboy jealous somebody got a superior copy.. This reminds me of another game recently this same thing just happened to... 360 fanboys are setting new lows.. Plus can we please ban Kotaku on N4G now they are the most biased 360 fansite.. wait no second most biased 360 fansite on the web right now...

DaTruth3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Do not smoke cigarettes(or anything else) in the room where you keep your electronics!

My friends televisions and computers always get a gummy sticky resin inside the fan and other components that kills all his electronics! It mixes with the dust and can probably dirty optical drive lasers too!

Chapter 9, no freezes. 3 year old 60 gig!

Up next in Kotaku news, GOW3 has freezing issues!

CptBach3189d ago

My roommate's PS3 version has no problems..

Happens on both Xbox and PS3 as reported here

yet Kotatu only talks about the PS3 version

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Devil MAY KILL3190d ago


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SonySoldiers3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )


CptBach3189d ago

Apparently it's on PS3 and Xbox360 yet kotaku reports only the PS3

My roommate's copy on the PS3 has no problems.

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Marty83703190d ago

At it again.

Jump Out, Play B3yond


ezcex3190d ago

I like how there were no issues of this sort when the Japanese version came out. Then all of a sudden when it releases in the US where there is competition, the PS3 version all of a sudden has issues. Gotta love how politics gets its hand on everything.

Ju3190d ago

Kotaku didn't even bother to check their own links in the article. Like this:

which links to 360 issue, yet, no mention of that in the whole article or the headline. Calling for hits, aren't we ?

So, if anything, blame SE for releasing buggy SW.