Pads & Panels: Bittos+ Review

If Tetris had a mentally challenged step-son that didn't provide as much of a challenge, had a lame soundtrack, tedious rather than fun gameplay, and generally drooled all over itself, it would be Bittos+. The puzzler from Unconditional Studios uses the same seven core pieces as the classic game, but instead of dropping from up top, gamers place them at will on a grid. The goal? To start, simply making 2×2 blocks that will eventually explode. The appeal is that gamers get to play at their own pace, either trying to build chains quickly before the explosions, or simply plug away, racking up points with smaller ones. Despite an increase in the box size in later levels, a few different modes and a challenge in the form of loose blocks turning red and spreading, the game always feels more tedious than anything else. When the intro level has nine stages that never seem to change, it's hard to want to play anymore.

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