Nexon Introduces the Future of Free MMORPGs

Can free MMOs compete and catch up with pay-to-play MMOs? Nexon's two new games, Vindictus and Dragon Nest, make a solid argument that they can.

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Braineater24483166d ago

At least this is all a step up from Maple Story...

naznatips3166d ago

Massive understatement...

ssj123166d ago

looks interesting to say the least

BeardedGamerShow3166d ago

I just don't know if they can compete with the budget of those big-name MMO's with monthly subscriptions.

Rubang3166d ago

They definitely can't. But the difference is that I can afford to play these.

EverydayGuy3166d ago

Maple Story is already making tons of money from NX. I find 2d is better since it is easier to interact with other people.