6.0 Major League Baseball 2K10 Review "All in all MLB 2K10 is one of the better baseball games from 2K in recent years with MLB Today standing out as a very prominent feature that does something new. The game also features some great commentating that keeps the game feeling new every time. Unfortunately there is still a long way to go in terms of controls, presentation and visuals before 2K has a truly great game on their hands. When the physics of a ball completely changes because a player is remotely near it, that can spell disaster."

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ShawnCollier3141d ago

Sounds like it could use some extra innings.

Sanrin3141d ago

Baseball Game < Playing Real Baseball?

Kyll3141d ago

I'd go with the game, but Sony's

Kyll3141d ago

aaaww 2K, at it again xD

ShawnCollier3141d ago

How many baseball games have they done now?

mephman3141d ago

They'll learn one day.