Can Medal of Honor Dethrone Call of Duty? -

Gamervision's Jonathan Cooper writes, "Later this year, EA's rebooted Medal of Honor will compete against Activision's Call of Duty, bringing the two head-to-head for the first time in a few years. In the PS2 era, the two were nearly on an even level, and it wasn't until the current generation that Medal of Honor fell to Call of Duty, mostly thanks to Infinity Ward's dominance with Call of Duty 2 and the final nail in the coffin, Modern Warfare. For some time, it seemed as though it was going to be an easy win for Activision, and there was little reason to believe that the reboot would be able to top the $1 billion earner in CoD. However, recent happenings make this seem like more and more of a possibility, and there's historical evidence that EA may be ready to overtake Call of Duty in 2010, or at least take back some ground."

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Delta4054d ago

Call of what now? they must meant can Medal of honor dethrone Battlefield Bad company.

Government Cheese4054d ago

I don't think any game can dethrone CoD, I think the only thing that CAN dethrone CoD is CoD itself, and by that I mean Activision having new developers make future games, and as seen by other IPs, when it switches devs the series usually goes downhill. That's if I'm remembering right, that IW won't be making any more CoD games.

Also Delta, MoH and BF aren't competing with eachother supposedly, of course that came from the mouth of EA who happens to be publisher of both franchises

mrv3214054d ago

If it doesn't have bugs then yes.

If it is balanced then yes.

If the story makes sense and offers closure then yes.

Def Warrant4054d ago

Meh first it was Halo. Then Battlefield:BC2, and now MOH. To be completely honest with you i think COD killed it self. Heck i didn't even buy the game from my experience with it's mediocre single player and buggiest online component yet