3D-Only Xbox 360 Debut Title Revealed

Attack of the Movies 3D allows thrill seekers the opportunity to play through some of the greatest action movie scenes of all time - in 3D. The game, which will release for both platforms this May, comes packaged with four pairs of 3D glasses to support four-player multiplayer action.

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What Would Kratos Do3141d ago

The graphics look like something i'd play on my phone.

bruddahmanmatt3141d ago

This looks amazing. And by amazing I mean complete ass. Simply awful.

FragMnTagM3141d ago

I don't think this game was trying to appeal to anyone that cares about graphics in the first place. But why would they slap 3D into such cruddy graphics. If I want to do the 3D thing, I would hope bad ass graphics came with it. The premise of the game sounds stupid anyway.

WildArmed3140d ago

'Attack of the Movies 3D marks the debut of 3D-only videogames on Microsoft’s high-definition console format.'

I wouldn't put AotM 3D and high-definition in the same sentence.
This is just pitiful. Hopefully Quality Testing will turn the game down lol

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GiantEnemyCrab3141d ago

That's the headache inducing old 3D there and this game looks like something out of last gen. Shovelware

FamilyGuy3141d ago

360 and wii being the platforms this is set to release on.
Should be downloadable on the 360 but then you'd have to find your own glasses.

GiantEnemyCrab3141d ago

Yeah, they won't jump on board until someone else has massive success with it(see Natal and Nintendo). I find it funny he talks about viewing distance and room size as problems with 3D but won't those also be problems for Natal?

This is just MS showing once again how out of touch they are.. And this 3D is the cheap/fake kind and nothing like the real 3D Sony will be doing.

kevco333141d ago

This isn't anything to do with Microsoft, it's a third-party game and it's on Wii too. Besides, both 360 and PS3 have already had a 3D option in Avatar, which was also third-party.

sinncross3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Funny you mention that its also on the Wii.

You would think that due to the fat that the game is about 3D and originally on the motion controlled Wii, they they would port it to the PS3 for the PSN.

I'm not saying that a PS3 version should definitely come, just that its interesting that they haven't announced a PS3 version but a 360 version.

fr0sty3141d ago

you don't want to experience this type of 3D... it'll give you a headache in no time. and the fact that they say the glasses are included means it is using colored glasses to achieve it's effect, as polarized glasses wouldn't work with 3dtv's which require shutter glasses, and shutter glasses are far too expensive to include 4 per game (about $75-130 each).

BrianC62343141d ago

That's a different 3D. That's the kind where you need a 3D TV. It's real 3D. This game thing or whatever it is just needs lame 3D glasses. They probably use the cardboard kind with one red lense and one blue lense. Why would anyone want to buy this game though? I doubt it sells much.

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glennc3141d ago

only fanboys start comments with but but

-MD-3141d ago

I won't be playing 3-D games for a long time.

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The story is too old to be commented.