New Trends that Define the Game Industry

ResumePlay breaks down the biggest changes going on in the industry now, from Apple and OnLive entering the market, to Natal's revolution in controls, to the rise of DLC.

These are the trends that are making the biggest waves, both now and for the next generation of consoles. ResumePlay looks at the legacy and impact of the PSP-Go, the significance of Apple's App Store, the looming innovation of Project Natal and OnLive, and the subtle influence of Netflix on the online experience.

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mau643417d ago

This is a pretty nice article, I'm glad to see Apple is getting steam.

stoppre3417d ago

this is a really great article. Lots of good info about upcoming stuff.

Ziriux3417d ago

Well yea, but what makes all the stuff great, what do you think is amazing about it?

brandynevils3417d ago

I'm not all for companies focusing on motion controls. I will prefer my controller over motion any day.

SKGamer3417d ago

I don't think they should abandon the standard controllers. But if they do a mix, like Sony is doing with SOCOM 4 and Microsoft is doing with a lot of Natal games like Fable 3, it could be cool.

They just need to use it add new features, rather than taking away old functionality. Keep what works and build on it.

smashly3417d ago

Onlive just seems like a big bummer to me overall. I want to keep my actual games and not rely on their servers.

Ziriux3417d ago

I liked it that this gen, they used thumb sticks for a lot of the gameplay factors.

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The story is too old to be commented.