Everybody's Golf 5: 3 New Screens

Here are some new screens for the upcoming PS3 exclusive, Everybody Golf 5.

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Phantom_Lee4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

its still wow me today that this series is so poplar in anybody played it before? how is it?

shysun4125d ago

These games are awesome man,you should try it out.

Lord Anubis4125d ago

The series is very addicting, especially when you play against friends. Not one shot is the same and trying to get birdies and spectacular chip in is always a must.

The mina no golf 5 will have a bigger on the social aspect which will make it the best game in the series in my opinion.

Phantom_Lee4125d ago

one question..
they mentioned "Fully customisable characters" is that for playable characters? or is that mean the feature for character creation?

Lord Anubis4125d ago

in the past especially the PSP version, you were able to customize the characters with all sorts of items to the point where you pretty much created a new character. Although you had to play the games to unlock the items. I'm uncertain if HS5 will allow for the creation of character from scratch. With HS5 having a home style network I hope they allow the creation of characters.