Final Fantasy 13: Success On The West

SE announced "FF13 is doing very good in the west. FF13 has been selling better than any title in the series so far"

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moegooner883165d ago

The fact that Final Fantasy XIII has a metacritic score of 83 is a joke, it's easily one of the best Final Fantasy games i have ever played.

Antan3165d ago

Couldn't agree more. On chapter 7 atm.

iamtehpwn3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

that I couldn't backtrack to some of the older environments, but all things said done, This game is fantastic, I think the pacing is great. I can't believe how addicted I am to the combat system.

I've beaten the game, 71 hours (JPN) of just wondering around Grand Pulse and doing missions.

green3165d ago

I made a comment yesterday saying that i was not enjoying the game but as of this point, i take it back. The game has all of a sudden become really enjoyable, battle are no longer a tap AAAA fest and now require taught. Overall, very good job Square-Enix.

97gsx3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Seriously one of the best? I really dont know about that. But even with all the cuts I still enjoy ff13 more than ff12.

Lionsguard3165d ago

Well considering I was about to banish FF13 to my leper colony of dusty games I never touched again I have to say it made its way onto my top 3 list


knocking off FF8 in third place and I'm still only on chap 5. It might even be able to take second place though its going to be tough FFX was freakin fantastic. FF7 is still king though, nothing will touch that. I will admit I never played a FF below 7 so you 4,6 lovers out there will disagree probably. I dont care though FF7 was what broke me into FF and RPGs in general so I owe it my life.

spectyre3165d ago

I was kinda disappointed with FFXIII at first also. It really hooked me in around 7-8 hrs into the game. Can't wait to finish this one. The battle system was really well thought out and implemented.

kwicksandz3165d ago

if its as sucessful as they claim then i guess all future mainline FF titles will go multiplat. The crazed otaku wont be pleased!

Sitris3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Played a few FF titles some of the PSP ones and FF10 from last gen, played FF7 on my PS1 and this is by far my favourite one that i have played well worth the wait, LOVE IT!!! It's just so polished and beatiful like no load times and i could keep on describing how much i am enjoying it but that would fill a page. This is a quality title that all RPG fans should at least try, and more than likely love. If you have a Ps3 get it, if you only have an xbox, get it. If you don't own either, and your a RPG fan, buy what you can afford console wise and get it, cause it is that good. Once again thankyou square enix!

rextyrann3165d ago

wether or not future FF games will be multiplat is up to the x360 sales. and i do not think that ff13 will outsell on xplat compared to the ps3 version. if i had both systems i still wouldve bought it on ps3. its kinda like tradition. the past 5 ff main series sologames (6 if you cound ffx-2) have been on ps only. no reason to change it now...

to the topic:
i guess finally people have started to build their own opinion instead of just reading and believing some game reviewing sites who maybe are too focused on some technicalities what a modern rpg should have or not.
i am not that far into the game yet, like chap4 but i can already say:
it feels more ff to me than ff12 did. and feels closest to ffx and ff7 . thats a really good thing. so far the first few hours are really just too easy since you dont get every tool of the battle system. but starting after like 4-5 playtime you can already see that this new system is really really deep. probably the best battle system they had since ff7/ffx.
regarding the lineartiy: i dont mind it all. in fact all the past ff main series were almost linear til right before the end when you got to the open world. so thats what ff has always been. dont get the people complaining about it now just because you cant go back to certain areas (which would be kinda stupid and nonsense as far as the story has been going up til now...)

97gsx3165d ago

Reply to sitris
I have been a jrpg fan for about 18 years and I have to say ff13 is not a jrpg. Alot of the complaining about the game is coming from long time fans like me who see the game evolving into something completely different. I think the game is enjoyable but it feels more like an action/adventure game. I am at the end of chapter 9 and I have yet to see basic staples of the jrpg genre.
Mandatory proof of playing

Sitris3165d ago

For me though it has more than enough charector development to classify as an RPg, i never said JRPG as i agree that it is not a JRPG, and i do prefer them as well. But i've grown to love Action RPGs, personally i dont believe ME2 is an RPG but it is labelled as one. So it all comes down to what a RPG really is doesn't it :) Either way i am totally loving this game, one of the best this year personally, as sadly the PS3 hasn't suplied me with much RPG goodness. It's almost turned me into a shooter fan haha

Baka-akaB3165d ago


I can't really agree ... imo most of the complaint atually came from people who werent even into jrpgs to begin with , and picked any kind of bone to lash out at the game .

I dont think XIII is any less of a jrpg , than me2 is a wrpg . Both to various degrées suffer from the same issues .. steeming from too extensive experimentations in streamlining the gameplay and making it more accessible.

Yet both still remains great games for it ...
Those issues would be expected to be fixed though with sequels , and they probably will be .

Anyway my opinion would never be very popular , but i prefered it to FFX so far ... a game that imo had a great gameplay , but nothing else grabing my interest .
After FFVII , and with FFVI still being my favorite ... there hasnt been good story with FF titles imo , besides a few bright spots
like FF9 (and FXII almost making it , if not sabotaged by internal issues and turmoil over it's developpement) , the Final fantasy Tactics awesome spin off , and now FFXIII .

kewlkat0073165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Like I wrote in the other thread. Go back and play "Final Fantasy X" or "Lost Odyssey" and you will see what is missing in Final Fantasy XIII.

To me, those are "JRPGs" in their purest forms. Square-Enix took some steps back in "JRPG's in general not just Final Fantasy Franchise.

A Big FAIL so far:

-Small Towns
-Mini Games
-Mini Bosses
-Potion/Weapon/Accessories Shops(usually on the outskirts of town or inside)
-Individual Character(Micro Managing during Battles)
-EXP System based on points(Not just Weapon upgrade EXP)
-LiMited MP [Good or bad but dumbed down in FF13]

I'm only on chapter 9. We will see if some of this will changes. So far,

[+]Beautiful Cut-scenes [Best looking to-date/Never knew Hair Strands could look so good]
[+]Engaging Story
[+]Great Music [Great Battle music]
[+ & -] Battle System is FUN & Lazy at the same time. Remeniscene os Star Ocean Last Hopes' "BEAT" system[Choose your Job Role Sub group and Spam X Button]

moegooner883165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I agree Final Fantasy XIII is not as good as Final Fantasy X, which is my fav game of all time, but it's fun, and personally i think it's a lot better than FFXII, which has a much higher metacritic score, btw a lot of the cons u just listed are somewhat "fixed" in the gran pulse part.It's not that FFXIII is the best or worst FF ever, it's just like Baka-akaB said 'it's ok to not like the game , but the angry fanboys need to stop pulling crap out of nowhere'

kewlkat0073165d ago

that I have yet to see in FFXIII.(Didn't think I would have to say that)

97gsx3165d ago

Reply to cescgooner

Your first comment stated that 13 was easily the best ff you ever played but now you say ff10 was the best? Which is it?

Reply to kewl

You hit the nail on the head. Lost oddysey is a better example of a rpg than ff13.

Reply to baka
Yea if the story isnt there I cant get into it. Thats one of the good things about ff13. Except hope ugghh that kid is annoying.

moegooner883165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Dude i said 'FFXIII is easily ONE of the best Final Fantasy games i have ever played', not the best FF game i have ever played.Having never played a FF below 7, FFX 4 me is the best FF game ever.

GameGambits3165d ago

This is great to see this kind of reaction for the game to gamers who bought it. I got my Japanese import copy back in December and I remember all the hate the game was getting then too from Japanese reviews and players. This stays true, but the game DOES get better and better. Once you hit Ch.11 it solidifies itself as a GREAT RPG well worth the Final Fantasy name sake.

Sure the game probably won't become as big of a favorite as previous titles for most, but like I've kept saying: If you liked Final Fantasy X you will like FF13.

shawnsl653164d ago

Once you guys make it to the land of Pulse.. prepare to paradigm like a mad man to survive. FFXII compared to FFXIII is like driving an automatic and switching to a manual car, true story.

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Michael Myers3165d ago

its a good game, i play it every once in a while on my ps3,i dont like like how the men look like little girls though.

green3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

which man looks like a little girl in ff13?

@VINNIEPAZ: I know thats the way it is with most JRPG's but not FF13. Sazh and Snow are the two main male characters in FF13 and they are men who look like men.

VINNIEPAZ3165d ago

That's how it is with most JRPGs though. Me and my girl will be fighting for the PS3 soon between her playing FF 13 and me with GoW 3. Should be fun.

KillaManiac3165d ago

Snow and Sazh look like a little girl?

Wait....I don't see how they can possibly resemble a woman.

I am scared of the ladies you must know.

Figboy3165d ago

amount of effeminate looking male characters.


honestly, Snow looks like a dude, albiet a pretty boy. Hope is a kid, Zazh looks like a dude.

it was something me and my wife joked about when looking at the game. we were like, "hey, the guys actually look like GUYS for once!"

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SonySoldiers3165d ago


The real killer3165d ago

You was first a die hard 360 fan, why suddenly faking as PS3 fanboy?

Def Warrant3165d ago

Can't wait for GT5. I won't need another racer (with the exception of motorstom3 and new F1) for along LOOOOONG time.

Baba19063165d ago

defenitly an awsome game. well deserved. i really love the gameplay. sure there are some things that can be done begtter but it stoll rocks. i like it way better than 12.

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