Nintendo 'flattered' by PS3 Move

Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime has said he is "flattered" by Sony's PlayStation Move

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Noble Spartan3144d ago

Seems like Sony is paying tribute to Nintendo Innovation.

Complete Rip Off. Nintendo must be happy if Sony copys thier great idea.

But Move is just a downgrade from Wii Motion Plus. As the nunchuk don't have motion detection.

Damn actually as a gamer I am embrassed at playstation Move. I mean how could sony do such a major rip off. Sony fans have also admitted its ashaming.

Optical_Matrix3144d ago

So Natal isn't a rip off of Eyetoy? Avatars aren't a rip off of Mii's? Lips isn't a rip off of Singstar? Scrap Metal isn't a rip off of Twisted Metal? Get your head out of your a$$. All companies do it. Not only that but Sony has been working on this tech since early 2000's. Check youtube if you want. Nintendo were just the first to commercialize the technology.

renegade3144d ago

Everything is a ripoff of something even the natal.

Apocalypse Shadow3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

so reggie and nintendo are flattered.

let's see if they are "flattered" when their market share lessens next year when all motion controls will have been released.

let's see if they are "flattered" when third party companies make ps3 versions of wii games that sound BETTER,look BETTER and control BETTER.parents will now say when seeing the commercials in the future:

"they offer a better version on our ps3 for just $10 bucks more than our wii?""let's get that one."

let's see if they are "flattered" when wii gets the inferior version and ps3 gets the BETTER ps3 version if you have both consoles.if the third party wii games don't sell in the future,and the ps3 version sells more,what happens to third party developers on wii?they are already running like the No More Heroes dev.

let's see if consumers will still be "flattered" by nintendo's offerings when they can't even offer GOOD online gaming,HD graphics,HD [email protected]!...what would the point be of getting a wii besides nintendo's first party games?

i'm flattered reggie's flattered.

Homicide3144d ago

It's too late for Sony; the majority who wanted motion controls already bought a Wii. Even the games for the PS Move look similar to the ones Wii has. Let's not forget how much negative press the PS move and its games are getting.

xTruthx3144d ago

Homicide your talking about the games move ha and it hasn't been even released and if you knew anything about the gaming media you know 90% of it is biased towards the ps3. N4g is full of ps3 hate articles, have they changed anything ? nope

Apocalypse Shadow3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

they can be quite UGLY too.especially on an HD television.

similar is not the same as identical.the first word similar means "close."the second word identical means "carbon copy."

there will be games that are ports to ps3.making gameplay similar.but you are missing something:


and as i said above,they will look better,sound better,control better with the right development on ps3.why get the wii version of EA's game if you can get the ps3 version?ubisoft,activision,cap com,sega,etc.

not everyone has bought a wii.and they won't need to.there are a lot of sports fans out there.and a lot of them have a ps3.or they have a 360.all sports games will be potentially more accurate and better looking.

unless you can give me a well though out reason on why a family that owns both wii and ps3,should get the wii version over the ps3 version beyond price(as you need to buy move starter kit),there is no other reason to get a wii in the future or a third party wii game when it comes to cross platform.

can't watch HD movies,don't have HD games and wii has pitiful online gaming.but every time you see wii in marketing photos and commercials,the family is PLAYING in front of a HD television.

"how many commercials have you seen where wii gamers are playing on SDTVs?"

thought so.

WildArmed3144d ago

'But Move is just a downgrade from Wii Motion Plus. As the nunchuk don't have motion detection.'

By your comment, it's easy to tell you dont have experience first hand with the Wii.
And OBVIOUSLY you dont have any experience with the Move.

I'm Glad we get such educated impressions on motion gaming, mr. spartan

Homicide3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Just buy component cables for Wii :)

The games Sony showed us for Move are exactly the same as Wii Sports Resorts, but worse. And that fighting game looks God awful. It's hilarious Sony is even bothering releasing this 4 years after Nintendo has done it.

And yes truth, the media is biased against PS3. M$ pays their wages, and they made a deal with Satan.

TOO PAWNED3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Hmm thank God that rest of the world doesn't have same perspective on things as you do "NO-brrrr Partan".
I guess every car manufacture is ripping of Motorwagen (first engine car) since they are dare they, they should be "embarrassed" just how you are. Same goes for aeroplanes, building, etc.

You makes no sense. If creation does not cross line that is set by patenting product, then there is nothing wrong.

Natal is eyetoy 2.0, there is nothing innovative about it. Eyetoy does 3D space reading, it has voice recognition, so there is nothing really new and if you think Milo BS is real, then you need some help. Even if you put every single AI programmer in the world, they wouldn't be able to create AI so intelligent to actually understand your words and what you really mean. That is why Milo is BS but you will see soon.

SoapShoes3144d ago

Reggie obviously hasn't seen the 2004 video of the prototype for Sony's motion controller. Why should they be flattered that Sony had the idea before them? All Sony has done is saw that there is an interest in motion gaming and decided to bring it out.

-Alpha3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

I really don't think Nintendo is remotely threatened or even care if Move is going to be better. Sony is offering Move as an OPTIONAL peripheral and it's no way going to overthrow the Wii. The Wii has dominated the consoles this gen. Case closed, nothing will catch up to its sales. The only reason Sony is following is because they see the success of Wii. The only reason MS is following is because they see how strong the casual market is.

Nintendo being "flattered" is of course a nice jab at Sony, but as a gamer I only want Move to be cheap and effective in my gaming experience. As for sales and fame (which is what these companies care about) Nintendo is not under any threat at least any time soon.

Cold 20003144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

The Wii came out in 2006. That means Nin were working on the Wii right after the Gamecube launched in 2001. Lol at the people trying to justify this blatant rip off by saying Sony did it first.

Anyways the outrage in here is pretty funny.

Hey guys everyone copies from everyone.

Only retards thought that Sony never copy and that "they only innovate" lol. Believing crap like that gets people acting like this.

SoapShoes3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Well no duh that they were working on the Wii before 2006. That does not mean Sony knew what they were doing and even if they did wouldn't you think they would have launched the Move with the PS3??? That's like saying Sony was working on PS3 since the PS2 launched in 2000(which they were) so the 360 copied the PS3 because Microsoft knew about it....

No one is saying Sony doesn't copy, they are saying they did not copy the Wii. They just saw its success and brought out what they were already working on, the reason they did not launch it on the PS2 is they did not think anyone would be interested. They were wrong, that is all.

You tried to make a good argument out of the knowledge you knew, but you just used a weak excuse that fell flat. The fact is no one knows what each company knew so speculation like that does not work.

HolyOrangeCows3144d ago

"The games Sony showed us for Move are exactly the same as Wii Sports Resorts, but worse"

Including SOCOM, right? No, sir, Move will actually have games that hardcore gamers give a crap about which Nintendo has exceedingly failed at doing.

sikbeta3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

@The first dude talking crap

Bungie strikes again with a new ACCOUNT, What a surprise...Get a Life [email protected] and stop talking about something you don't know nothing about, let the people that is interested in this Motion-Trend alone...

@the guy who said the PS-Move Games are exactly the same as Wii Sports, GUY, You're totally Right, graphics are By FAR better, but the "concept" is the same:

Mr Logic3144d ago

Note to Nintendo,

Don't be. Sony has been researching this since long before the Wii, but they didn't want to half ass it like you did. So they waited until it was ready.

Pozzle3138d ago

Nintendo shouldn't be flattered. Its Sony's way of saying "Hey Nintendo. You've come up with a good idea, but we can impliment it so much better!"

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Tony-A3144d ago

Flattered by how Nintendo used the idea that Sony's been working on since the late 1990s...

Omega43144d ago

Nintendo are probably laughing at Sony too, not only did they blatantly copy them they done a terrible job at it too.

No motion control in the nunchuk, a wireless nunchuk meaning more charging and not being able to have 4 players with a remote and analogue stick, not having everything together (need a cam, a remote and nunchuk, and the starter kit doesnt even include all of them), loads of games that rely on a single player to have TWO remotes etc

The idea was obviously rushed out and not thought through and will likely blow up in their faces.

Apocalypse Shadow3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

microsoft blatantly copied sony on natal.the eyetoy was on ps2,natal was actually shown running on ps2,
and this video is way before microsoft announced natal:

the video is 3 years old.but you neglected to see that huh?

more charging?so not having to buy batteries or charge kits like 360 controllers or wii controllers is a BAD THING?i have 4 usb ports on my ps3.don't see the problem.especially when they have these things being sold called "usb hubs."

show me a picture of the ps3 starter kit being sold today?

show me games that require 4 move controllers and 4 sub-controllers on the market?

actually,show me any GDC games shown this week that are on the market?

natal has been shown with glitches since E3 last year.and recently received a downgrade in chips.....must not be well thought out and rushing to market.

cereal_killa3144d ago

Dam Apocalypse Shadow not only did you own Omega the noob you stomped him into the ground.

What people fail to see is this is the 1st time that Move has been shown since E3 it's been kept in the shadows what they showed was pretty much what allot of people expected to see a fighting game, a golf game, some fun arcade type games everything that what this "Move" was ment for. When one company shows respect to another it shows class something certain people in this industry don't have. No matter what Move or Natal do they will always be in the shadow of the Wii and anything that either of the 2 systems can do to 1up the Wii will definitely be a challenge.

WildArmed3144d ago

Well, just for the record I'm laughing at your two bubbles too ;)

You've earned to two bubbles..
So obviously anything you write is to be laughed at.

GiantEnemyCrab3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

LOL Comparing a 2D Web Cam to Natal is like comparing a Big Wheel to a Ferrari.

Give it up! You guys are wearing holes in those same YouTube videos you keep posting but it still hasn't changed the fact that you are proving nothing and actually proving to the contrary.

Hey look I can be just as stupid.. The EyeToy is just a rip-off of the DreamEye.

Sony couldn't even come up with its own name! LOL

Optical_Matrix3144d ago

Same way how Sony are laughing at Microsoft for only now, releasing tech that Sony's has had running and commercialized for 5 years.

Homicide3144d ago

Why should Sony be laughing at Microsoft? Natal has generated a lot of positive press, and numerous developers have posed an interest in Natal. Sony failed to capitalize with the EyeToy.

Blackcanary3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

have u forgotten that there are 36 dev's that wanna make games for the PSMOVE.

What is ur problem you really need to grow up.

You have so much negativity. I don't understand where it all comes from, everybody copies someone in this industry, yes even Nintendo have copied people because motion control has all been done before the Wii came out.

Your also forgetting every single sport game that is out kind of takes the same form as the sports games seen in Wii Resort. Ur acting like its never been done god all sports games look the same they've just been improved.

And there have been a lot of positive views on PSMOVE why because those people are smart and they understand great technology when they see it and they understand what pre alpha means there not idiotic like you there will gamers.

Bloody hell when i have kids i'm gonna make sure they don't end up like u.

sikbeta3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Ah... so much Love For natal and the xbowners didn't see anything more than a DODGE-BALL Game, there are some guys that are so Glad and Blind-following the Hype-Machine that is natal, these guys don't even care about the thing or if it [or WILL] WORK PROPERLY, just hyping the thing More And More just cuz, "hey... is a product made by my Console of Choice Manufacturer"

What is going to happen if all of these dudes go and buy this thing and it end up not being like it was supposed to be, they'll just SHUT UP or will complain about and say something like, "hey, MAYBE Next Time I'll WAIT to see how it Really Works, INSTEAD of HYPING IT SO MUCH..."

As GAMERS, The Best Thing These Guys can do is Just Wait to See The Final Product, instead of HYPE/DEFEND/LOVE IT cuz is a Product For The Console Of Choice

Apocalypse Shadow3144d ago

we are wearing it out because they are facts being presented.if the facts are wrong,please enlighten us to the truth.

better yet,since you say natal is BEYOND eyetoy/pseye capabilities....

SHOW us VIDEO of natal doing these beyond current camera capabilities.i would like to see your links to prove its power.

but you know you and the rest have nothing to show.why?microsoft has shown NOTHING.

a whole year to show no games.a whole year to show no features.a whole year to shut the nay sayers up on accuracy.not only that,microsoft didn't even show up at the developer's conference.


but natal will be AMAZING right?right?

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TehSuperCell3144d ago

Move: "sup"
Wiimote: "Why, how amusing. Sony wants to try to take over our market. Those fools, we could crush them now if we wanted to, but where is the fun in that?"

Mista T3144d ago

they'll also be flattened by the Playstation Move

HypermysticsonicHMSX3144d ago

"uh huh.. heres the problem to many toasters" (turns of switch)

HypermysticsonicHMSX3136d ago

that was a random comment of mine

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