Short GoW Gameplay Video

A short GoW gameplay video. Not the best picture quality but still worh a look.

achira6206d ago

in my opinion this does not look good. thats your beloved game ??? lol

TheXgamerLive6206d ago

This was a short demo being played at E3, someone on a home video camera filmed this and posted but the longer original is available on gametrailers. The early demo'd game play is quite unigue in that the immersion is going to be full on from the very start. This will be game of the year w/o a doubt.:)

JPomper6206d ago

I like the stop-n-pop gameplay. It'll make for interesting multiplayer battles.

pRo loGic II6206d ago

Thats next-gen gameplay, this is what real next-gen is #1.

f1r3waII K1LL3r6206d ago

Ok I dont know if you realize this but the game here is very unclear and stuff so its hard to see how good it looks but if you want go to ign or something the game looks awesome and will be great (better than anything on PS3)so if you are a Ps3 fanboy your opinion here doesnt matter now does it.

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