Rumor: Insomniac Games Going Multiplatform

Overheard at the Game Developers Conference: Insomniac Games has become a multiplatform developer. The company, best known for the Ratchet & Clank and Resistance franchises, is allegedly creating cross-platform software for both PS3 and Xbox 360, according to a trusted source who spoke with IGN under the condition of anonymity.

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Shaman3146d ago

Dont believe that...they will stay exclusive.

TOO PAWNED3146d ago

Resistance and Rathcet are Sony IPs so no worries for that but it is possibility.

callahan093146d ago

"We contacted Sony for comment but the company was unable to respond before publish time."

Seriously, IGN? You're a website. You can publish any time you want, day or night, weekday, weekend, it doesn't matter. Why didn't you just hold off publishing a RUMOR ARTICLE until after you had all the information pertinent to the rumor!?

TOO PAWNED3146d ago

"Insomniac Games' president Ted Price said only that the developer does not comment on rumors and speculation." - sounds like yes to me.

Jamegohanssj53146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Lol no.

What the hell where did my 2 bubbles go? : (


happyface3146d ago

ugh, this is really going to hurt Sony

Dance3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Insomniac is not ownd by Sony

psman0123146d ago

I really hope they stay exclusive!

JokesOnYou3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

My guess is Resistance and Ratchet and Clank, haven't made them enough $$$ on the ps3, times are tight and looking at the 360's advantage in software sales month after month they probably would love a piece of that 360 pie. Just business.


edit ^^^^callahan09, oh come on, THAT's NOT HOW IT WORKS, sites like IGN rely on "sources" to get inside info, we both been around long enough to know that this is pretty standard practice in this biz when it comes to *RUMORS(that means its NOT confirmed) so of course any journalist/news site who has some source that they *BELIEVE IS CREDITABLE is dammm sure going to go ahead with the story, have you ever watched the 6 O'clock news= thats the whole point they gain readers/viewers interest in their site by beating other sites to the punch when reporting breaking news/rumors. lol, as if Sony is going to be in any hurry to respond, if true. They also added this:

"Insomniac Games' president Ted Price said only that the developer does not comment on rumors and speculation."

It's OK, nothings confirmed thats why its labeled as a rumor, so this is just typical news reporting, I really don't understand your response.

vvvvv not sure what you're talking about, R&C is a decent game but nobodies frothing at the mouth waiting for it on 360 af far as I know (I guess its owned by sony anyway, right?), I only said that Insomniac MAYBE making this decision because the 360 has demonstrated very well this gen that it can generate high sales for great games, so their probably planning a new IP on both to test the market.

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TheBand1t3146d ago

Thank you, Snick, for proving my comment 2.2 correct.

Chubear3146d ago

Oh yeah, let's now pretend that Insomniac was Sony owned and they could never produce any multiplat games before but all of a sudden now, Sony has "lost" their exclusive developer studio uh?

Wow, the gaming world is going willfully insane.

WhittO3146d ago

hmm, this seems to keep coming up. They have always stated that they want to remain independent and do not wish to be bought by Sony.

I think they would loose some support by going multi-plat, would seem like they are "selling out" or "betraying" the ps3 - even though they only chose to stay on playstation but weren't obligated to do so by any means.

I would hope they continue to support the PS3 with Resistance etc though, but TBH I wouldn't mind them ditching the R&C series in exchange for a brand new IP that's multiplat.

Blaze9293146d ago

I think we all saw this coming.

Even if it's true though - I wonder who would publish their games for them then.

Army_of_Darkness3146d ago

The only game I honestly like from insomniac was resistance 2, so since that franchise is still staying with sony, I'm groovy baby. besides, it's ND,SM, GG & PD bringing in the big guns anyways... Like my BOOMSTick baby!

WhittO3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Also, I think they might be a little pissed at Sony for getting less treatment than other exclusives the past few years.

I have noticed that all other PS3 exclusives like K2 or U2 get ALOT more attention and buzz etc than any of insomniac games (except the first Resistance, after that its like Sony didn't need them as much so didn't pay their games as much attention).

The last R&C went WAY under the radar and I wouldn't blame them for being a little angry at Sony for not giving them more attention.

(although, you have to look at the games themselves for getting the attention, Plus they aren't actually owned by Sony so they cant blame them so much for focussing on games made by their own devs).

bruddahmanmatt3146d ago

So long as Insomniac continues to do great things with the Ratchet and Resistance franchises I have no problems with them developing a multiplatform IP. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised to see them put one of those two names on the back burner for a while in order to develop something new. Splitting your crew in half to release a game every year is already tough as it is and I can't see them working on three IPs simultaneously unless they add some personnel to their roster.

-Mezzo-3146d ago

Thats One Big bite At The Hands That Feed.

kwicksandz3146d ago Show
randomwiz3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

"I have noticed that all other PS3 exclusives like K2 or U2 get ALOT more attention and buzz etc than any of insomniac games (except the first Resistance, after that its like Sony didn't need them as much so didn't pay their games as much attention). "

This is because although CiT was a great game, it is largely unchanged from its predecessors in terms of gameplay. The graphics were great, but not something you would want to showcase when you have K2 and UC2. It got overshadowed by UC2 because UC2 was the bigger game.

I'd say CiT had a bad release date more than anything else. It was up against Modern Warfare 2 and UC2.

TOO PAWNED3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

In long run (if true) this will hurt Insomniac, their Multiplatform games won't get same exposure, budget and time to polish as they did as exclusives.

Only thing that matters to me is that SOny owns Ratchet and Resistance IPs, and if this turns out to be true they should cut their relationship with Insomniac because then they don't deserve support they are getting, let them go multiplatform and see how that will end up for them, i predict that it won't end up well.

Publishers tend up to lose persepective and respect for what they already have, so they keep on ending up wanting more and in end they end up like Pandemic, or recently Infinity Ward. If that can happen to them, so it can to Insomniac. I say cut them lose if they turn multi.

-Alpha3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

That is completely selfish. Why would you want Sony to cut off support just because they want to expand? People cry over this like Insomniac was obliged to Sony like Final Fantasy "belongs" to Sony. What utter crap. Thank God you don't run Sony. If Insomniac makes a game for another console I don't care. Sony may continue supporting their exclusive owned titles and I would hope that they do support their games. This is a business and Sony isn't going to hold petty childish hissy fits and deny support of their IP-owned games just because Insomniac may go Multiplat.

Sony is obviously not going to support multiplat games but to want to have Sony turn the cold shoulder to them completely is silly wishful thinking.

"In long run (if true) this will hurt Insomniac, their Multiplatform games won't get same exposure"

Multiplatform titles don't have more exposure than exclusives? what?

What's the big deal about going multiplat? Sony doesn't own them so stop whining. I can't believe how quickly people like you will turn on guys like Insomniac just because they want to make a game for another console. God forbid they have their success. What utter nonsense. Insomniac has the right to do whatever they want. If Sony wanted them so bad they would have bought them out like they did with Media Molecule. Insomniac doesn't even get the same treatment as Sony's first party so to act as if Insomniac is betraying them and consequently wanting to drop them is petty of you.

How is Insomniac being disrespectful? Sony knows that they have the ability to make new IPs on other consoles, so why is everybody so shocked or surprised?

Insomniac is talented and I wish them the best in whatever they may choose to do. If more people have the ability to enjoy their titles than the better.

HighDefinition3146d ago

I could care less. Why?

1. They`ll still make titles only for PS

2. More people can enjoy their games.

3. They are addicted to making games.

blu_yu_away3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

It would be stupid and immature for Sony to hold a grudge and take away future development of Ratchet & Clank and Resistance games if Insomniac goes multi. I doubt another studio would put out titles in either series of equal quality as Insomniac. Good luck finding another studio who would care about the ips and put the effort in that Insomniac does. And after all that Insomniac has given Sony over the years I think they have earned the right to test multiplatform development if they so wish.

HolyOrangeCows3146d ago

'Insomniac Games is going multiplat' rumor #86578657 has GOT to be true.

bioshock12213146d ago

What makes you so sure I think its true there have been so many rumors about them going multiplatform so I doubt it just a coincidence. Wouldn't surprise me seeing how most of their games don't sell that good only around 1 million which is good but not great compare to the quality the games are.

It was always confused me why they remained exclusive it's not like they were wildly successful with ps3. It's good news for xbox 360 gamers they get to play Insomniac games and bad news for Sony seeing how Insomniac always delivers a AAA title for the ps3 every year and it might end.

ironmonkey3146d ago

either way its kool to share games

3146d ago
God_Of_Epicness3146d ago

Go. Be a multi-plat company. Develop multi-platform games. I played Ratchet N Clank Crack In Time and it's horrible. I liked the R&C from PS2 more. So, i couldn't care less. Let's see. Naughty Dog going multi-plat? Dream ON!! I'm laughing out loud right now. I mean ND is First party so until Sony goes bankrupt/ND pays Sony a buyout clause, then i don't see that happening bots. Your console sucks btw. 576p.

beardpapa3146d ago

Is the anonymous source HHG?

pixelsword3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

I'm still waiting to find out if WarDevil went multiplatform or not.

I can see Insomniac doing that for the right "price", though (pun intended).

Seriously, though, if they do, I'm sure it's money related; these are hard times for everyone, so I don't think anyone (Bungie, Valve, Square-Enix, Insomniac, etc.) who is independent is above going multiplatfornm if it meant saving their company.

I'd rather they go multiplatform than go bankrupt and be forced to close like Factor 5's American branch.

Sarcasm3146d ago

Even if they did make games for the 360, that's a good thing. Maybe then 360 owners will actually understand that Insomniac is a good developer.

captain-obvious3146d ago

so rumors about bungie going multi plat in their next game is false
but this is true ??

com on fanboys

Oldsnake0073146d ago

I don't care. As long as I can play their game on my PS3 it not a problem for me. But when they go Multiplatform it is good for 360/PC owners because there games are always fun.

anh_duong3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

i know it will disappoint a few people but

insomniac are 100% going mutli-console.. trust me on this one.. i said this over and over again but insomniac are going multi.. this was a decision made by Ted last year.. the relatively poor reception of r2 cemented the decision within insomniac heirachy to go multi

in the same vein valve is also going multi-console.. but insomniac will release a multi-console game sooner than valve.. valve first (proper) multi-console game is for next year whilst insomniac is later this year or at the latest Q1 next year.. the annoucement will be made at e3 this year.. do you remember that ms makes a big deal of a third party sony exclusive studio/title going multi at every e3?? well insomniac will be their big e3 announcement...

unless things change otherwise mass effect 2 will be annoncced for ps3 at e3 too..

lots of big bold claims i know. bookmark this and go back to it if you don't believe me.

Cueil3146d ago

Hiphopgamer called this some time ago... we'll see and it was only a maybe back then

vhero3146d ago

IGN are so up MS ass right now its unbearable are they on MS paycheque? Either way aren't Insomniac a first party dev for Sony now meaning they in theory couldn't do games for 360?

krisq3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

...then more power to them. I don't mind it at all and I'm a PS3 only owner. The same thing is with Epic. They can bring multiplatform titles but their key franchises will stay PS3 exclusive.

Swiftfox3145d ago

I'm curious who they would pick up as the publisher if that were true. They seem too small a company to afford self-publishing their own work.

There is also so much risk. One wrong move and they could find themselves slaves to Activision or EA. I for one don't want to see that happen.

It will be interesting to see what move Insomniac will make on this one.

gaffyh3145d ago

As I said MONTHS ago, this is most likely coming from the new studio they set up in North Carolina at the start of this gen. They've been working on a game for a few years now, and it's likely that it's multiplat. However, as far as I can see, this is the same situation as Bungie working on PS3 or the PGR devs working on PS3 (Blur), so if Insomniac want to go to 360 I don't really care.

They are great developers, and more people need to see that, instead of the usual xbox fanboys bashing every game they make.

raztad3145d ago

IG going multi is a possibility. The R&C series is already done. R2 was hugely overshadowed by KZ2. We have heard nothing about R3 so far, with rumors of KZ3 coming this year. IG set another house that might be working in a multiplat project, clearly no founded by Sony.

I'm worried for R3. I would like to see the final chapter. Anyway if true, R3 may very well be the last PS exclusive game from IG.

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k-Lan3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

If this is true, OUCH!! Bring out the tissue's.

Edit: Let the disagree's flow.... lmao

happyface3146d ago

Sony HQ has a major problem on their hands. Insomniac was the only dev keeping the ps3 going in its first few years, losing them to MS is a killer blow

TheBand1t3146d ago

Shame no one would buy them on 360, since all I've ever heard from the 360 camp is how awful Insomniac and their games are.

SOAD3146d ago

I don't think so, HappyFace.

It would be realistic to argue that Microsoft has a big problem on their hands, considering that Bungie is going multiplatform. Bungie's Halo series has been the only thing keeping the Xbox brand from dying away.

KingME3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Although I don't believe it, that would just be too funny.

@theband1t (above) kinda like PS3 fans were about bioshock til it went multi-plat?

-Alpha3146d ago

lawl. SOAD owned you.

And yeah, that was the first few years. Insomniac is now in a sea of talented studios that Sony has exclusive rights to. In all honesty losing them isn't that big of a deal, and Sony owns Resistance and Ratchet anyway.

Information Minister3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

@ happyface - You're absolutely right. Every single person who bought a PS3 in 2006/2007/2008 did it for Insomniac's games. Not for MGS4, or Uncharted, or COD4, or any of the other games that got released during that period of time. We did it for Resistance and R&C. That's why they sold so much.

And yes, losing a 2nd party developer is a major problem for Sony considering they only have a little under 20 1st party studios.

I'm grateful we have the input of an early PS3 adopter such as yourself (which, by the way, is highly unusual for a 360 fanboy) to tell us how dark the times were back then./s

Another One3146d ago

Who said Bungie is going multiplat? There's no information anywhere that says Bungie is going multiplat.

Well it certainly would be cool if Insomniac would make multiplat games. It would only help them make money. It wont hurt Sony or help MS that much. Only Insomniac. And that's great for an independent studio.

Parapraxis3146d ago

...wait...let me get this right.
The comments on this article make it sound as though the games made by Insomniac are now awesome from a 360-only owners point of view!?!?!
Funny that, up until now the Resistance franchise was a Halo rip-off and R&C was just for kids.

It's really funny to see how the tone changes from the 360 camp when a long-time PS3 developer may consider developing on their platform of choice.

Now, it would seem Insomniac are not hacks!?

Do any of you MS blinded fools realize your hypocrisy?

SIX3146d ago

Naw whatever man. These guys make great games that IMO should sell more than %90 of the crap that's out there. If it's true then whatever. 360 fans will love their games. Top 5 devs easy. As long as the main studio works on Resistance exclusively I'm happy.

Dorwrath3146d ago

Bungie going multiplat LMAO

Microsoft have first refusal on all Bungie products. Only if they refuse a title can Bungie produce it for the PS3. Part of the deal when they separated from Microsoft along with Microsoft keeping the Halo IP.

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Nitrowolf23146d ago

developers so i would not be surprised if they did make one.
Sony should buy them though they are great developers but i think they have said that they wish to remain independent. Don't expect resistance/ratchet to go multiplat those are sony owned

Chubear3146d ago

.. and you got disagrees for that? lol WOW! lol

Tito083146d ago

Maybe Imsoniac wants to keep themselves as an independent developer, they're being with Sony since the PS1 days, same time as Naughty Dogs!!!!

smittyjerkins3146d ago

I would disagree with that because Insomniac is a 2nd party studio not a 3rd party studio. So the guy is clearly wrong on that part... idiot.

Nitrowolf23146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

ah thxs, i never knew that
sorry for the mistake then
yeah i diserve those disagrees then lol

Tito083146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Insomniac make games that are owned by Sony, but they can still choose to develop other games for other platforms, it's their choice, not Sony's, if Insomniac has their own IP, they can develop it to any platform they want to develop for, they're making PS3 only games, but that doesn't prevent them from exploring other platforms!!!!

xabmol3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

There really is no such thing as a 2nd party studio. There is only 1st and 3rd. Much like how you never see a Second Person Shooter (SPS).

2nd party is just a made up term to describe a 3rd party developer that only makes games for one company/console, but they are still 3rd party. Look it up.

And its not very nice to call someone an idiot... >.>

Tito083146d ago

Dude, Don't be sorry, u were telling the right thing!!!!

ThatArtGuy3146d ago

if a company contracts an independent 3rd party company to make games for them, the game could still be considered a 2nd party game.

Capcom's Zelda games and Namco's Starfox could fit into that category.

smittyjerkins3146d ago

There is a difference between second and third party studios. Yes you could say Insomniac was a third party studio, but it is their close relationship with Sony that makes them a second party studio. You have to admit there is a distinct difference between Epic Games and Insomniac. Yeah, both are third party, but which one would you expect to be making Sony games. Also, Sony has the rights to all of Insomniac's IPs. See, that's the difference between third and second party studios. A second party studio is more beholden to a single company and console than a third party studio. You have to admit that Insomniac might go off and make games for other consoles, but it's not like they are gonna drop all the IPs that Sony has and start off new.

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Cajun Chicken3146d ago

I think if this is true, anyone who kicks off about it is an bit of an idiot, especially if they claim to be a 'die hard' Insomniac fan. Sony own Insomniac's current IPs and there's nothing binding Insomniac TO Sony and they've apparently been stubborn about not being bought a lot in the past.

All in all, Insomniac is a great developer and not owned by Sony like Naughty Dog and the many other studios under their wing (Except for Sucker Punch who are also second party), so what? Let them grow wings and perhaps they'll get a new level of respect in the game industry.

thebudgetgamer3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

it's hard for me trust them when they have an archive of videos on xbl.

happyface3146d ago

hmm I didn't know about igns bias but I'm glad you filled us in

thebudgetgamer3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

how can you be an unbiased journalist when you get paid by a company you are reporting on.

if gamespot had a bunch of videos on psn i would say the same thing.