Perfect Dark - First 10 Minutes of Gameplay

Xbox Evolved:

"Perfect Dark hits Xbox 360 through Xbox LIVE Arcade next week on the 17th. Get an early glimpse of what's in store for Joanna's jaw-dropping return. "

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ProA0074715d ago

Cannot WAIT to get this!

Mista T4715d ago

yup, best downloadable game this year

Chubear4715d ago

I think many people are going to buy this, play it and then realize, nostalgia is not their best friend.

iNcRiMiNaTi4715d ago (Edited 4715d ago )

yea cant wait. was at a friends house earlier this week and we dusted off his n64 for some practice. still as fun as i remember it. cant wait to play this one online.

laptop gun
and falcon 2s


bruddahmanmatt4715d ago (Edited 4715d ago )

My goodness. The person playing this game is a complete tard and has no idea what the definition of "HD video" is. Doesn't take anything away from the game itself but damn man. Know where you're going and blurry much?

holyorangecows24715d ago

Same here when is it coming out BTW.

Rocket Sauce4715d ago

I prefer Goldeneye, but this works too. The laptop gun is the greatest thing ever!

Blaze9294715d ago

The release date is clearly above the video...

kwicksandz4715d ago


Day 1!

ape0074715d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

and I've never had an amazing fps experience like perfect dark, one of the greatest games of all time if not the greatest

man look at the xbox version, MAAAN, everything is perfected, framerates, graphics and the soundtrack\sound is clearer than ever


beating missions on perfect agent is miles better beating modern shooters, you see, in halo, cod, kz2, gears 2 etc..., th emission structure is the same, only more powerful enemies, in PD, the game add missions, the level just become one hell a rollercoaster ride, amazing just amazing game

and oh Imagining playing this game on live, split screen vs splitscreen will be a golden experience, nothing beats my selection of weapons and keep in mind that there will be no framrate constraints in the multiplayer, you can add bots, mines, rockets as much as you like


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Crazybone1264715d ago

Let's hope this is back to the old Goldeneye/Perfect Dark days...boy i loved those days

Blaze9294715d ago

Looks pretty damn sweet. Can't believe how good it looks. Too bad Microsoft and Nintendo can't come to an agreement for Goldeneye.

JasonXE4715d ago

Wait so Microsoft was actually trying to bring Goldeneye? And Nintendo c0ck-blocked em? NOT COOL NINTENDO!

tokoshix4715d ago

Yea that is a bit unfortunate, this is probably as close as we're going to get to any Goldeneye-like game. Still, I'm enjoying the nice nostalgia boost from this game.

Blaze9294715d ago could say that... I guess lmao. But yeah - hopefully it still comes. No pun to the c0ck reference either :/

KiwiSplodgeFace4715d ago

Would be awesome to see a done up Goldeneye. Ahh, the memories... :D

t-dizzle4715d ago

I read somewhere that Activision is also involved as they hold the rights to the James Bond franchise.

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