The Grinder Gets A Face Lift

High Voltage Software has announced today at GDC that they have turned the 360 version of the game into a top down shooter. You know what they say "if you can't beat em then change genres". In any case, High Voltage Software has shown skepticism as to whether or not they want to apply this facelift to the Wii version of the game.

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dgroundwater3165d ago

"...and I'm under the impression that The Grinder will be too big to fit Wiiware's filesize limitations."

I don't think so. The Wii is a standard def console using a DVD like disc. No one has expressed any limitations so far. Last gen the Xbox and PS2 had no problems either. Where are you getting this idea?

PirateThom3165d ago

He's talking about WiiWare, not the discs.

Voice_of_Reason3165d ago

He was talking about Wiiware but Ginder is not a Wiiware game. It will be a full retail release. He thought the xbox version looked like a Live game and not a retail game, so he assumed the Wii game was Wiiware version.

swiftshot933165d ago

Thw Wii doesn't have DVD support like the PS2 and Xbox did.

dgroundwater3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Wow, I am dumb. Sorry.

There's no chance the Wii version won't be an FPS we can all agree on that.

ChickeyCantor3165d ago


Ive seen the asset list for swords and Soldiers.

They had to put sh/tloads of files in there and not break the limit.
Its not easy, but there is no point in complaining.

AEtherbane3165d ago

Animales will be a WiiWare game and grinder will be an FPs on the wii. THe grinder will by like animale son other systems to make for that.

callahan093165d ago

It says that it's coming for all current-gen consoles, but the article only specified the angle for the 360 version. Does that mean that they're not changing the genre to top-down shooter for the PS3 version, or is PS3 version implied when it says 360? I'm confused.

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I hope they keep it as a FPS on Wii...

AEtherbane3165d ago

An FPS on the wii guys...


Has it been confirmed? If its not a FPS on Wii then I'm not supporting HV anymore...

AEtherbane3165d ago

Talked with employees at HVS, the say so far they can only confirm a change on the 360 version, and the wii version was not intended to be like the 360 or other HD counterparts... which means, the grinder on wii is either an FPS or some other genre, but not a TDS.

pcz3165d ago

for once the wii gets the full game and the other platforms get a spin-off piece of junk. good

tunaks13165d ago

Either its an FPS or no buy, on the Wii that is

EvilTwin3165d ago

Yep. I don't know what HVS is thinking. They already dumbed Gladiator A.D. down into a generic fighter. Now they're doing the same thing with Grinder. If I wanted a top-down shmup, I'd play Geometry Wars.

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The story is too old to be commented.