Ubisoft Recalls Silent Hunter 5 CE In Germany

Ubisoft was forced to recall Collector's Edition copies of PC game Silent Hunter 5: Battle Of The Atlantic in Germany due to "World War II symbols" that were not edited out in accordance with German law.

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dreamtheater873169d ago

I think that's exactly the point, they want to let it go and forget it forever. It is a tad extreme though. I mean it's a game that's trying to be as historically acurate as possible, so attention to detail is everything.

ryuzu3169d ago

I suspect that what the Germans wish to avoid is people seeing the nazi symbology as a rallying point for neo-nazis and other undesirables.

So they try and keep the swastikas out of their popular culture. After all, when we on the "winning side" watch a war film, no minds if we take the lessons of that time and "apply" them today - you know, Mount Suirbachi, Dunquerque Spirit etc etc.

Imagine the outcry if Germans watched films of WW2 celebrating their actions and promoted them with as much gusto as the Western Allies have and do...

The thing with Silent Hunter (in fact, the thing with any submarine sim made after the 1980s) is that it's basically a playable Das Boot, in the same way as GTA is a playable Scar Face or Transformers is a playable... um well whatever.

So, given Das Boot had an anti-war message and downplayed the actions of the Nazi party, you can easily argue that sub sims based on that film (as this one most definitely is) is also essentially propagating an antiwar message.


ProjectVulcan3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

I have several german friends including several old enough who lived through the war- All will quite happily talk about their views and experiences, all balanced enough to realise that sometimes certain idealogies CANNOT be forgotten, history really is there to teach and impart knowledge to present and future generations, attempting to help them to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Banning of certain symbols however believe it or not i can actually understand, as there is little knowledge to be imparted. A symbol is a powerful thing, and certainly one so strongly associated with a group that could use such a symbol to rally and extreme cases practicallly worship. Asking said friends about this sort of ban in media, most agree that it makes sense for them as Germans aghast at past mistakes. Not trying to make the pain they actually feel go away, simply to bury any chance of history repeating itself, of seeing the symbol used by any group of people or individual.

Before you think of how ridiculous this situation may seem to people of countries other than Germany, understand how deep the scars still are for a generation of innocent Germans still alive

TheBand1t3169d ago

WWII didn't happen. Poland invited Germany over for tea.

Aphe3169d ago

And Hitler was a social worker helping the needy.

jjesso19933169d ago

We cant really expect them to change the law for game. dont you think ubisoft should check laws when dealing with such senstive matter and they could just removed for the germans.

Elven63169d ago

There going to have to draw a line somewhere given how movies like Das Boot, Stalingrad, etc (all amazing films btw) show the war uncensored. If the same "censorship" laws can apply to games that are historically accurate, portray the war realistically, etc that could be the way to go.

And I'm not talking about games like Call of Duty since those are far from realistic and they skip tons when it comes to historical accuracy. But then again, apparently Inglorious Basterds got by the censors. =/

On topic, Silent Hunter 5 is great! The bad voice acting so far is the only flaw I can find.

ryuzu3169d ago

I think German law allows nazi symobology if it is present in artistic works or historic documentation material.

Videogames aren't considered either of those so they get censored whereas films are considered works of art.


chak_3168d ago

too much busy on DRM eh?