The PlayStation Move Shows that Sony Doesn't Get It

Kyle of Insert-Disc takes a look at the PlayStation Move, and how, despite what Sony desperately wants, it will not be a huge Wii-like success and that Sony just doesn't understand the success of the Wii.

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sinncross3167d ago

Wow this guy is misinformed on some points.

Sony made it clear that they feel the PS3 can be an outlet for Wii owners who wish to move onto stronger hardware and the PS Move would help this transition. If this is the case, why would the remote appearing non-friendly be a problem? It isn't. The PS Move shares some resemblance so people know its a similar type of device but has enough unique attributes so the final design is not a complete rip off.

The Extra X-O issue makes no sense. How could anyone possibly get confused with an X/O button in their left hand as opposed to one in their right hand? The point of using X and O again is because
1) They are part of the Sony controller symbols so its familiar,
2) X and O are usually regarded as the 'OK' and 'Cancel' buttons and so are used more often then any other button (say for menu/ xmb navigation etc)

The sub controller connecting to a bluetooth is a double sword affair. Its actually better that the control is not connected straight to the Move. On the other hand it makes 4 player offline games impossible. Yet the chances of a game supporting 4 players with only the PS Move and sub controller is most likely improbable and the game, if similar to Socom, will allow players to use the dualshock 3 as well: 1 player can use this. Lastly, they could just make 3 player offline multi player games...

The sports game means jack all. What else could be a better way to show what the motion controller can do then to show off a sports compilation? Its not just some random copy.. its actually a good move most sports require players to actually hold an object to play: like table tennis (which looks very impressive on the PS Move btw).

i think his point of 'knowing' Nintendo/ MS and Sony etc is just plain laughable.

Sony never said that the sub controller can replace a dualshock 3 for normal games. What is this author writing about? The sub controller and dualshock are interchangeable when used in conjunction with a PS Move.

$100 seemed like a reasonable price for the bundle and no, that $100 is not for 'one complete set of controller's.' Its for for the 1 controller, a game (which is only needed once) and a PSEye (which is only needed once). Only the PS Move needs to be bought again.

I think a very misguided article.. even fi you're not convinced by the PS move after a selection of pre-alpha demos, you cant be as idiotic as this author.

young juice3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

the flamebait is pouring in today.

EDIT: people have been begging for a Wii HD, well here ya go.

Beast_Master3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Yes I love these hater articles that think the move is gonnna fail blah blah... Then Socom and KZ3 will allow the functionallity to use this device and everyone that has the this controller will pwn everyone with the six axis. This is as close to Mouse keyboard that you will get on Consoles which is why I bought the Wii, with Socom already annouced to be using this I will finally have my wish that I intended for my Wii purchase.

I hope this doesn't sell huge cause I will own all you fools online, cause I am buying one day one for that one purpose.

presto7173167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Damn!! If I played the game doing make-believe, I would look like a retard. Move is way better. I just want lag-free response and precision. With high sen. I just have to move my wrist a little. I'm fine with that.

W-k3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

@ presto717
"Damn!! If I played the game doing make-believe, I would look like a retard. Move is way better. I just want lag-free response and precision. With high sen. I just have to move my wrist a little. I'm fine with that."

You can say that again LOL


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MajestieBeast3167d ago

Wow look who approved this trash doesn't come as a surprise.

young juice3167d ago

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are you really that surprised?

2paclives3166d ago

I think you should "move" your wack-a$$ out of here...

TehSuperCell3166d ago

Hey, If Sony got a cult folliwing with the LIVE ripoff, Im sure it can get away with this.