Sony's 'Skinny' strategy backs non-game apps

Sony has been briefing developers touring its GDC expo booth this week about a new lightweight tool that allows content creators to get non-game apps onto the PlayStation Network - with almost no software development needed.

Called Skinny, the tool is described by the format holder as "a simple yet effective means for content holders to put their intellectual property on the PlayStation platforms without software development".

In fact Sony is claiming that content creators can develop an app using the tool in as quick as a day.

The platform holder says the service is ideal for strategy guides, game maps and cheats, training manuals, episodic videos and the like, eBooks and eMagazines, comics and event content (such as show guides to download for stadiums or conferences).

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Basil-Rathboner3769d ago

This would be ideal for the rotund porker Gabe Newell.

Kleptic3769d ago

hope Netflix is listening...that streaming disc is lame...just put an icon on the xmb...

Mr Logic3769d ago

They already announced that they will put one up there at the end of this year. That is not because they can't do it now, but because the disc is a loophole because they signed a 2 year exclusivity deal with MS until they realized it isn't the only console selling.

Kleptic3768d ago

oh nice...Never read that...thats good, because the disc drives me nuts even though its easy...

Dark_Overlord3769d ago

a proper video player, you know mkv, subtitles, ogm, x264 etc etc the one on the ps3 although its good at what it does, its pretty limited.

NeutralGamer3769d ago

Thats a bad idea...
No one want those gun sound board apps on a PS3...

I would rather see Iphone like apps on a PSP

JoelR3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

"The only catch is that the PS3 or PSP file still has to be submitted to Sony for approval, as with all game content."

Sony is very conscious of what is placed on their network ... have no fear that such trivialities will hit the network. (they won't)

also "Skinny" could actually be more described as "PSN powerpoint" rather then a full developmental environment.