Fatal Inertia For PS3 Delayed Indefinetly

An update to information previously released:

More bad news for Sony this morning. Fatal Inertia, a futuristic racer originally announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive launch game, will instead be arriving only on the Xbox 360 this fall.

While the Xbox 360 version will ship on September 11, the PlayStation 3 version has been "delayed indefinitely," a Koei representative told Game|Life this morning.

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nextgengaming184179d ago

Will score a 6 probably at best.

InMyOpinion4179d ago

Now it's a 6 at best. I remember people using screens and trailers of Fatal Inertia before the Ps3 launch to show off the wonders of the cell. They said that the 360 could never do that. Not hating on the Ps3, it's just funny how some people (not referring to you) suddenly change their opinion. I've never been impressed by it. It looks like another one of those Wipeout clones that were popular in the early Ps1 days.

nextgengaming184179d ago

Do you think I really care about what some dumb sony fanboys hyped this game up to be? It looks like crap, was delayed a year, and made by koei. Who would honestly hype this game better then wipeout?

MrBIGGLES4179d ago

taste different since being scrapped on the ps3.

zantetsuken4179d ago

A 6/10 is a bit generous. This is a 4-5 at best.

Omegasyde4179d ago (Edited 4179d ago )

Its from KOEI, they don't exactly make the best games. Atleast the game is coming out to the US in some form or another.

I really don't expect much, but it is the first futurist/wipeout/F-zero Kind of game. It will be nice for this to atleast give gamers of what a next gen futuristic racing experience might be like.

VaeVictus4179d ago

Oh no, anyone but Koei. Please don't suspend your game Koei.

Puhleeze. Koei is always FTL! WHo's next, Atlus?

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PS360WII4179d ago

Well this is kind of a duplicate but it does say that Fatal Inertia is now a 360 only game where the first one is just the release date for the 360 game.

Anyway that's a pretty big 180 they pulled on this game eh? First was a PS3 launch title now a 360 only title. Well it's just a futuristic racer right...?

nextgengaming184179d ago

It is a complete jag fest.

I was amazed how awful it looks. This has to be the worst looking ue3 game I've ever seen. Have they heard of a thing called AA, both ps3, and xbox 360 could do it.

BIGBAER4179d ago

We are witnessing a train wreck. How much worse can it get? Sony NEEDS GT5, MGS4 and FFXII Now! addition to a generous price discount.

JIN KAZAMA4179d ago

something aint right. They have been working on this title for about a million years now. Its so weird how business works, once as a ps3 launch title exclusive, then, its not a launch title, then, its also comming out for the 360, then its off of the radar, then its only for 360, with PS3 being "delayed indefinatley". Well, if it becomes 360 exclusives, then good for you guys. Maybe MS paid KOEI off to make it time exclusive, OR, Maybe Sony dropped it and lost interest, becuase of the Wipeout game commin to PS3. We'll never know.

But in any case, I really dont care which way this goes. Too many really sweet games commin out, for anyone to consider this game a must buy. 360 and PS3 owners alike.

Ignorant Fanboy4179d ago

No fanboy comments or anything. Wow, did you get laid last night?

jack who4179d ago

back at e305 sony fans said this game cant be done on 360..
Oh the bitter, bitter irony...

Rybnik4179d ago

You wanna know why playstation fans said such things?? Because at that point, Koei was still showing bullshot CG like this:

Note how the game looks nothing like that footage now!

Xi4179d ago

wasn't dmc also impossible on the 360?

Shaka2K64179d ago

So whats Fatal Inertia anyways?
never heard of it.

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