Moto GP 09/10 Limited By Console Technology

Harvey Parker, lead artist on the latest Moto GP game, has told IncGamers that the in-game realism is limited by the amount of memory on the consoles.

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Leord3768d ago

Perhaps we are starting to reach the end of this generation then?

Pennywise3768d ago

For some consoles, yes...

nycredude3768d ago

This guys seems a bit contradicting of himself. He talks about achieving realism and how it's limited by the console memory, yet goes on to say they are trying to make it arcady like shift?

Maticus3768d ago

Do other games have this problem?

JustTheFactsMr3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Yeah GT5. /s

Big reason PS3 is so fast is SPU's and fast memory of the Cell. The local store on which games like GT5 get their realism is only 256KB.That's Kilobytes not Megabytes. Very little memory. So memory is not the main problem for realism. Keeping the SPU's fed and scheduling them correctly is. GT5 does it. Multiplatform games try and throw RAM at the problem instead. And it fails in comparison. But they don't have a lot of options because it's the only solution for the 360 and it fails in comparison. It's old design and old thinking.

Fyzzu3768d ago

As with pretty much every game, really. In this case it's a bit of a shame, but then Forza has shown that you can get really realistic vehicles even with the current systems.

thetamer3768d ago

MotoGP is going to be amazing, it looks so nice.