Anger over BioShock 2 DLC

Anger has spilled over on the BioShock 2 forums after it emerged the DLC was just an unlock key for disc content.

The giveaway is that the file size downloaded is 24KB, too small to be anything other than an unlock key for disc content and almost certainly too small for the extra multiplayer content the DLC delivers.

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Nitrowolf23772d ago

i hate it wen devs do that, ship the game with lock contents that require to be purchase to unlock

xabmol3772d ago

I utterly despise Devs that do this! If the content is already on the disk it should be playable for all who payed for said disk.

If it was incomplete at the time of disk burning and the Devs needed time to finish it, then it can be released as REAL DLC. And I have no problems with that.

This unlock BS must stop! It should be illegal to charge someone more money just to use what you already sold them! This is a call to arms!! ...or a call to not buy this blatant rip off.

Ragna3772d ago

The worst is for moderators that actually try to legitimate such behavior with bland excuses.

dorron3772d ago

This is becoming an awful trend...

Death to DLC.

TheBrit3772d ago

Then you should be given complete access to it. You paid for that disc and the case it came in when you purchased it.

If it's something you have to download via a service then you should pay for it.

It is b.s that they are charging you for stuff you already have in your hands. I always feel ripped off when this happens.

xabmol3772d ago

It honestly should be illegal to charge me for the use of something you already sold me.

Isn't there a law out there that covers situations like this? THERE SHOULD BE!! (Say someone sold you a car, but in order to use the brakes you have to pay extra. Even though they are already in the car you bought!)

Someone should do some research, then sue the fu*king daylights out of these scam artist!