21 Video Game Character Names

A look at some of the most famous video game names, thoughts about why they were chosen and whether they fit right.

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myXbox3604124d ago

A really cool list I thought - interesting to see that Lara Croft was initially Laura!

MK_Red4124d ago

Great article, thanks for posting. Duek, Sonic and Jim... Kameo, the MK "K"ed version of Cameo.

lib94124d ago

Great .. but how are these news?

calderra4124d ago

Nina Williams (Tekken)
Meaning: Unknown
-Then why the hell is she in this article?

Kameo (Kameo: Elements of Power)
Meaning: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Details: [...] Basically, an unimaginative spin on the word ‘cameo’.
-So the origin and meaning are the word CAMEO, you dolts! Talk about what that might mean.

Great journalism, better news!