E3 Bringing It Home Details Announced

From Tuesday, July 10, through Friday, July 13, Microsoft Corp. is bringing E3 home to owners of the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system through its second annual E3: Bringing It Home, which offers downloads on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace of the hottest content from the show.

Connect to the Xbox LIVE online entertainment network and bring everyone together in the living room to enjoy the E3 experience with E3: Bringing It Home.

Xbox 360 owners will be able to download high-definition content direct from the show including the following:

· Microsoft's E3 2007 press conference - beginning at 8:30 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, July 10 - will be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace in high definition later in the week

· Video updates direct from the show

· A selection of game trailers, themes, gamer pictures and demos will be available from the hottest E3 titles such as these:

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rain19714127d ago

I wouldnt mind if it was streamed, but videos later in the week to download. They will be all over the web before they get to the xbox.

Mikey_Gee4127d ago

Man, some folks are never happy. I would much rather watch it as an HD download on my 61" 1080p set than on my 24" PC monitor

FreeMonk4127d ago

All these demo's and trailers for free over X-Box Live! is worth the cash I spend every month.

I'd normally spend £5-£6 every month for the magazine with the demo, but now because of Live! I don't have too.

I can remember when the Lost Planet demo arrived last year when it was shown at E3. Awesome.

I bet the big demo this year will be BIOSHOCK!!!

A new trailer for Halo 3 SP Campaign will be a must, plus others like Banjo, GTA4, Assassin's Creed etc

I also wouldn't rule out some sort of short 15-20 second teaser trailer for Gears 2.

It's all good though, and I'd be interested to see if Sony jump on the bandwagon and do something similar to MS, maybe a KillZone 2 demo??

ThisIsWaiting4127d ago

· “Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation” (NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.)

“Assassin’s Creed” (Ubisoft)
· “BioShock” (2K)

· “Blue Dragon” (Microsoft Game Studios)

· “Burnout Paradise” (Electronic Arts Inc.)

· “CALL OF DUTY® 4: MODERN WARFARE™” (Activision)

· “FIFA Soccer 08” (Electronic Arts)

· “Guitar Hero III” (Activision/RedOctane)

· “Lost Odyssey™” (Microsoft Game Studios)

· “Madden NFL 08” (Electronic Arts)

· “NCAA Football 08” (Electronic Arts)

· “Need for Speed: ProStreet” (Electronic Arts)

· “Project Gotham Racing® 4” (Microsoft Game Studios)

· “The Simpsons Game” (Electronic Arts)

· “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08” (Electronic Arts)

· “WWE® SmackDown® vs. Raw® 2008” (THQ)

Im hoping for Ace Combat, Bioshock and COD4 to have demo's ... one can dream, right? lol

tplarkin74127d ago

We were surprised with Lost Planet. You never know which ones will be demos. I hope Lost Odyssey is a demo. If not, at least some new

The BS Police4127d ago

It was awesome last year with thr E3/Tokyo Gameshow/X06 downloads.

MoonDust4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

I was downloading videos like crazy last year. Now with the new option of having your 360 off while downloading will make all the downloads possible while you sleep. At least i will downloading all i can. Great feature.

PS360WII4127d ago

Awesome I loved that they did this last year. I still have my Lost Odyssey and Bioshock previews from last E3

ben hates you4127d ago

we've seen some of what ps3 is to offer, and Microsoft has been so quiet, i think they have a lot being kept secret for e3(usually their secrets aren't secret) but feel they are hiding something

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