GDC: Sony shows off Motion Fighter game concept

Destructoid: A pre-alpha title called Motion Fighter used Sony's PlayStation Move motion-sensing controllers to facilitate one-on-one street fighting at their GDC press conference this afternoon.

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Blaze9293971d ago

Ahhh, the pre-alpha demo that ehem, lagged.

TOO PAWNED3971d ago

it looked stupid, for fat ppl i guess

callahan093971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

I'd blame the game for that, not the controller. The other titles and applications demoed didn't lag and had beautiful 1:1 tracking. This game I would have to say looked like the controls didn't work properly. I'm almost positive that it wasn't being controlled 1:1, it looked to me like a lot of the moves were gesture-based. I mean, certainly that was the case with some of the moves like the head lock and subsequent punches while performing the headlock, and the spin move, and other moves. It just wasn't a well put-together game by any means. That's the fault of the game, not the ability of the controller. It just looked like this one wasn't ready for prime time. Not sure why they demoed it tonight.

Shadow Flare3971d ago

Blaze you donut, we've already seen 1:1 demonstrations from Move. So we know it doesn't have lag. If any games do lag, it will be the game, not the controller. We've yet to see any sort of 1:1 response from natal

Blaze9293971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

so why can't you say the same for Natal? The only two games shown so far, Ricochet and Burnout Paradise, lagged but that automatically assumes Natal lags for its case. Oh the hypocrisy. Do you see how much sense that makes the ridicule is getting off of ONE game which is mainly Ricochet pre-alpha software?

jack_burt0n3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

yeah doesn't really apply to natal cos we have seen no games,

Oh yeah space invaders moving side to side to move and pointing to shoot and it lagged really badly.

Still not much to talk about, the table tennis though should be enough to get the point accross unless you are really dense, watch it again.

edit:checkout the gametrailers vid much better quality than the feed looks good.

callahan093971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

How about because I've seen accurate representations of "Move" (as it's now called) without excessive lag? That's evidence right there that it can be done. You single out the boxing demo because it wasn't a good demo, but how about the gladiator arena demo? That kicked ass, it was accurate, it wasn't laggy, it was pretty damned awesome. You admit yourself that the only two things demoed for Natal both show problems. Therefore, why am I going to give it the benefit of the doubt?

The PS3 Move demoed one bad game, and a bunch of others that demoed its capabilities with flying colors. That's the difference from my perspective. Let me know when there's a video of somebody playing a game like that Gladiator Challenge with Natal, with that much accuracy and responsiveness. Table Tennis, also... accurate & responsive. You can't single out one bad looking game and say that the hardware sucks because of that one piece of bad software. And you ESPECIALLY can't do that when there's OTHER software that you can point to that DOES show the hardware's qualities. And you shouldn't be so sure about Natal until you've at least seen SOMETHING for it that is accurate & responsive, because you have to admit that so far, it just hasn't been shown.

AridSpider3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

I 'think' what Blaze is 'trying' to say is why can't the same benefit of the doubt be given for natal? Everyone is slamming the device as a camera that 'WILL' lag when they have only seen two games to use it so far. Nevermind the fact one game isnt made for natal and the other is pre-alpha, just like this Dukes demo on Playstation Move.

So if Dukes was the only game to be shown, would you all slam it as a device that lags and 'will' lag when it comes out? Without seeing all the other titles to proove otherwise? I think not

sparta763971d ago

Come oooon!!
Leave blaZe alone. He's just mad cause this game won't
have a 360 logo on it.

Did any body see the "move" working with a fps?
Do u think it would work good with it?

presto7173971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Pretty impressive when you consider the fact that the game is only 20% complete.

And people should stop talking crap about Sony copying the wii. In the gaming industry, a lot of the best games have been inspired / borrowed elements from other games. No one ever b*tches about that. So please STFU

dangert123971d ago

you all seen it lag and it was so bad the on screen avatar did not move at all.Im not dissing the move but lets be serious. you lot who disagree that was lag would be happy 2 play 'playstation move' games that have the same reaction as his 1st 'backhanded spin' if so good luck 2 you

fear883971d ago

Out of all the Natal demos that have been shown, they ALL LAG.

You really can't count burnout because of the fact it was not shown to the public but behind closed doors.

Move on the other hand has MORE THAN 1 DEMO. There are a TON of demos and most are pre-alpha.


Sports Champions
Brunswick Pro Bowling
Socom 4
TV Superstars
Move Party
The Shoot
Motion Fighter

That is 1 out of 9 games out on demo at GDC. Not including the RE5 demo shown earlier.

So. There is a big difference between just one out of nine demos and a repeat performance of the Natal Ballbreaker tech demo over and over.

As a side note, burnout was only demoed when Natal had the internal processor. There are no confirmed sightings of burnout working without the Natal internal processor.

40cal3971d ago

Give me some online play so I can break your face no matter where you live. Split screen is a also a must.

captain-obvious3971d ago

when the f*ck did it lag ???

IdleLeeSiuLung3971d ago

There will always be lag in motion control because clearly you have to complete the motion in order for the system to record it. Add the processing and well, there is your lag.

You can of course extrapolate (i.e. predict) the movement, it might not be as accurate....

Still, I'm excited about this. It looks like a fairly well controlled game, but imagine it with Natal. Now your whole body movement is recorded. You can include kicks, headbutts, elbow and etc. Even the popular two finger eye gouging technique!!!

AKNAA3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

I can't believe you even brought up lag issues, when you know clearly well that natal laaaags waaaaay beyond this game....

@above. Really?! you can do all of that stuff now without distorting your avatar?! BAM! thats ggggreat!... but I'll need to see it.

@captain_obvious. It was a very minor, slight lag that you could barely notice unless you paid extreame close attention, you know, like 360 fanboys on multiplats and their pixel counts.

RememberThe3573971d ago

The guy played Socom 4 with the "Move" (Arc) and it was flawless. I see what Blaze is implying but the 1:1 was shown to be working perfectly. I think when/if Microsoft shows off Natal with no lag then the argument will die right there, but they haven't done that yet...

I can't wait for E3.

pixelsword3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

The announcer said the lag wouldn't be above one frame (like the sixaxis), and the announcer was correct.

The fighter game looked like it lagged to me when he tried to elbow the head when he was in the headlock, but it wasn't above one frame (most of the time, lol) like the guy said earlier. The punches to the head while in the headlock looked off to me as well. The game also didn't pick up his backhand; but it was flawless with every other game plus SOCOM 4; so, there's two explanations:

1. Given that SOCOM 4 had better graphics and a bigger environment than this fighter game, it could be that the game's animation cycles are causing the lag, because if the game didn't have animation cycles, the hands would be stuttering about, but they weren't.

2. This game isn't tweaked to detect subtle moves, or all of the moves yet. I say that because SOCOM whipped this game's behind in graphics and it was 1:1, but this game wasn't all that graphically impressive, but it lagged, so it's probably not the graphics. There were also very strict animation cycles in SOCOM 4, but it went off without a flaw, so that's probably not it either. I think the game needs tweaking: BUT, like the announcer said, the lag wasn't above one frame in terms of detection: it's just that the player's moves were fast, so I do think that they need to work a lot on that engine's subtle hit detection before releasing the game.


until this game comes out we CAN say that one game showed lag, but we can also say that the lag is something that was nowhere near the lag of Natal's demos as of yet: Remember everyone, NO motion game is out for either console, and breakthroughs and improvements may occur until the release date.

EDIT: Solved.

It's the game's detection.

Go here:

Pause the clip at 31:48, there's instructions detailing the moves

The moves aren't freeflow detection like the tennis games, which means there's animation cycles, BUT the moves are very stiff to pull off according to the moves list, so it is a tweaking problem.

They better get it right before it's finished, because that is officially lag until they fix it.

pixelsword3971d ago

If you paused it, at the time I said and looked at the moves list, the guy didn't even do the backfist move correctly (I called it a backhand). So given the fact that the guy didn't even do the moves according to the instructions, the arc (yeah, I'm still calling it that) picked it up well for it not being done correctly.

callahan093970d ago

Responding to this comment from AridSpider:

"So if Dukes was the only game to be shown, would you all slam it as a device that lags and 'will' lag when it comes out? Without seeing all the other titles to proove otherwise? I think not"

My personal answer is YES!!! If I didn't see any software that showed me something I wanted to see, then I would have absolutely no interest in the product. A lot of the games they showed looked fun and accurate, and there was a good mix of core and casual in there, so I've got high hopes for the kinds of experiences I'm going to have with Move this fall. Natal on the other hand has shown me a couple of really lame looking minigames (anti-dodgeball as I call it and the painting game) that don't display great accuracy or responsiveness, and that's about it. If the only thing Sony had shown was that Move Party collection of minigames (or whatever it was called) and Motion Fighter, then I would have built up no confidence in this device either. Because Move Party is a bunch of lame looking minigames that don't interest me, and Motion Fighter was a poor demo that didn't show 1:1 accuracy, responsive gameplay.

In fact, Motion Fighter's moves are based off of interpreting broad gestures into pre-set moves, not 1:1 motion, which is antithetical to the whole concept of the Move control system and was therefore just simply not a good game to demonstrate the device. So yeah, my interest is going to change based on the software I see, and I saw some interesting software that shows the capabilities of the Move very well, thus, I am interested.

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GR8 13971d ago

Lag enough said.......Next Gen my ass.

ArcFatalix3971d ago

Game is in a pre alpha stage, GOD of war 3 is gonna be epic thats next gen, not 360 not a single exclusive in 2010 or any good looking game.


Im waiting the Hardcore survival Horror for Move. Still in development that game.

jeryhwed3971d ago

so they copied wiimote, Wii Sports and Wii Play and now they are making Wii Boxing rip off. how is that better from the wii, sony? especially that those games don't even look that much better than wii games graphically and i'm sure in the end nintendo games will be still more fun to play.

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