Top 5 Incredible Indie Game Cliches writes: "Being a writer for a popular indie games blog means that we, here at DIY HQ, play a lot of indie games. I'm talking about 3-4/day at the minimum. If not to report directly on news regarding said games, then just to stay within the confines of the indie gaming world. It keeps us fresh, y'know?

Anyway, in doing our daily ritual of writing, discussing, and playing indie games we've come to notice a few patterns. Like everything in life, the more you do something the more you can assume. These patterns/assumptions then become constants, and, as such, these are the things you've come to expect in your job. Indie games are no different. Over the past few months we've noticed a few hard line indie game cliches. Things that never cease to end and at least, at the very least, occur once a week.

Here is our top 5 indie game cliches."

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