Go! Gaming Giant: FIFA 10 Ultimate Team Review

Since its release in October 2009, FIFA 10 has grown into the fastest selling sports game in the world. When EA Sports praised the game's success, they followed up with the announcement of FIFA 10 Ultimate Team, a new downloadable game mode recently released on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team is an entirely separate mode that grants you coins at the end of each played game. The coins are performance based, and include increased tokens for actions like scoring goals and completing consecutive online games without quitting. Negative actions like bookings and goals allowed will decrease the total coins awarded for that game. The coins earned through playing Ultimate Team games are subsequently spent on soccer trading cards – the real bulk of the Ultimate Team game mode.

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omicron0093143d ago

Fifa 10 was awesome, but im not into the management aspect of sports too much

Mario Mergola3143d ago

Yea this whole mode is based upon creation of and tinkering with your team and players. If you're not into that, you won't appreciate it.

Murgatroyd73143d ago

Yeah, I'm the same way. I'm not a sports guy, so messing around with the teams and the people doesn't interest me; I just want to play the game. Of course, since I'm not a sports fan, the game itself also doesn't interest me much. Ha. Glad to see you enjoyed it, though.

LukeA3143d ago

Ah but will it challenge Football Manager?

No it won't.