Pointless Achievements - A Top Ten

They say you don't get something for nothing... but in the world of the seventh generation console, that's not strictly true. And we're not too happy about it.

There's something deeply depressing about getting a zero G (aka pointless) achievement. Here are some of those that we've come across - and sworn at under our breath.

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KaiynN3501d ago

Dont know much about most of these achievements but the halo 3 & ODST vidmaster got me and my friends recon. which at the time was a big deal. well worth doing.

jaymart2k3501d ago

Ghost Recon:Advance Warfighter 2

Get number 1 on globol leader board

Can't beat that I bet.

Tortilla3501d ago

he he, true, that IS pointless but how much gamerscore do you get? I tried to find the pointless achievements that didn't actually reward you with anything despite all your hard work. Zero G!?!??! Rubbish :)