New GEARS OF WAR Screenshots

Some new GoW screens. Note: These are not officially released GoW images, as they seem to be taken from a running demo.

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Optimus Prime6212d ago

this game is truly next gen. this game is going to be sweet!

Liverpool4ever6212d ago

I may think Gears Of War will be as huge as Halo, but yes, that will be dificult atleast

OutLaw6212d ago

There is no doubt in my mind that Gears Of War is going to be for the 360. That Halo series was for the xbox. This game will sell systems

TheMART6212d ago

It will be a combination.

Halo is a FPS with no real take strategy of take cover.

GoW is a 3rd person shooter, which is all about taking cover and strategy with different persons in a team to defeat the enemy. So it's more thinking before shooting.

Different game, but a leading title for sure. I'll say a system seller for Christmas and with Killzone 2 on the PS3 never been seen again since CGI footage last year on E3 bet some people are going to switch to play next gen games right here, right now

COVER GIRL6212d ago

This game has the best hair in any game to date!lol.

Capt CHAOS6212d ago

Those screenshots are amazing.. The demos that I've seen have obviously kept away from the blood and carnage that is this game. The left of detail, mood, atmosphere of this games are so truly aparent in these screenshots. One word. Awesome!

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