Unity Brings Browser Games To PS3

Unity3D, the browser-based tech that enables users to play full games without having to download them to their PCs, now supports the PlayStation 3 according to VentureBeat. In addition to the latest version of the engine covering the PS3, it'll also support Google Android and the iPad.

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Greywulf3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

If Unity supports making GAMES for the PS3, great! However, if it just supports its engine being able to run under the browser, who cares? It will just freeze up when it runs out of memory.

Unity was restricted to XBL/Iphone/PC and something else for a while.

It doesn't seem to make sense if its just the browser.. fingers crossed though..

spandexxking3773d ago

thats cool, i played that interstellar marines game that used unity and was pretty impressed with the graphics.
i thought you had to install the unity player how would that work on ps3? and as grey wulf said ps3 browser has pretty limited memory. hopefully sony could get this patched into the next FW update

PlayStation3603773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Stuff looks pretty dope. And from what I read, Unity is gonna support everyone.

"Unity Technologies announced today that it will expand its list of supported platforms to include Android, iPad and PlayStation 3. With Xbox® 360 support announced at Unite 2009, today's announcement expands upon Unity's "Author Once, Deploy Anywhere" vision to include all major consoles and the two fastest growing platforms in the mobile space."

lol it tripped me out, I didn't even know they made that FusionFall game.

mal_tez923773d ago

Now only if the Ps3 had a better web browser.

It's easy enough to use, just needs to be faster,

vhero3773d ago

It only does Everything

Syronicus3773d ago

Then Sony should be interested in buying into this tech and supporting by having it on the lable of the box the PS3 comse in. This would be a huge selling point to get new users into the PS3 and supporting the web browser option the PS3 offers.

sikbeta3772d ago

More Stuff is Always Better, so Bring IT ON...

Gaming FTW!!!

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DJexs3773d ago

Nothing bad can come of this in my eyes.

ForROME3773d ago

Who cares if you like it or not the point is, the PS3 has lots of options and its only getting better

A change in the wind3773d ago

Now that`s some pretty cool news. I absolutely love all the positive news rolling in for the PS3. GOW3 AAA, Socom 4, Unity Browser Games and more. It`s hilarious watching the 360 gasping for air, and all of it`s fanboys trying to pull it out of the water. Not a single exclusive game yet this year, while the PS3 has masterful interactive movies, massive 256 player online battles, perfect baseball games, and epic groundbraking brawlers. Just keep telling yourself Reach and Natal are going to be awesome, we`ll be over here laughing at you.

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The story is too old to be commented.