It Only Does Epic Trilogies

Peter Dille writes:
"Which brings us back to our good friend Kevin Butler, who will also play his part to promote God of War III with a new TV commercial that begins airing the end of this week. Suffice it to say that Kevin can't possibly ignore the game's star power. We will also have a 15 second commercial highlighting all the glowing accolades this game is already garnering. We hope you all enjoy your exclusive access to both commercials here before they hit the airwaves:"

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Wallonsi5017d ago

Lol Nice Kevin B. commercial :) *Thanks for coming*

fedex6825017d ago

Seriously, I can understand the reaction to GOW3. Girlfriends can wait!
Gotta kill Zeus first!

BulletToothtony5017d ago

he just does exactly what we all think but feel afraid of doing...

Kevin's the man!!! good commercial!

gta28005017d ago

This funny for a couple of reasons.
1. The producers of these are geniuses lol
2. Kevin Butler is the man!
3.I relate to this!

When I get my GOW3 my girlfriend probably wont get any of my attention lol.

Bathyj5017d ago (Edited 5017d ago )

C'mon guys, we'll all still have sex with our girlfriends when GoW is out.

Only you'll be thinking Square, Triangle, R2, R2, R2 !

sikbeta5017d ago

lol @ The Insignificant Other

It Only Does Vengeance
It Only Does Rage
It Only Does Everything

Blaze9295017d ago

wasn't that great in my opinion. I was expecting, or at least hoping for more of Kevin and some humor. Ah well let's see what channels and times I'll actually SEE the commercial air on.

cl63AMG5017d ago

I love how his title stays relevant to each game.
Kevin Butler
Regional Manager of War

garos825017d ago

that wasnt so great because you can relate to the girfriend.your being ignored by the "man" kevin butler who u crave oh so much to see.

i think it was pretty good

Tony-A5017d ago (Edited 5017d ago )

I would understand why a gamer like you would want to hear more of Kevin Butler humor, but this commercial is not only funny, but it gets the game out there.

The girlfriend explained God of War III (kinda) and we were led to focus on the game displayed on the TV screens since 2/3rds of people in the commercial weren't even facing the camera and had their full attention to the game itself. This gave viewers most of the commercial's time to watch some gameplay.

Being an ad, it was pretty smart to do it this way, especially considering the humor was still there.

BattleAxe5017d ago

Hmmm, I wonder what my 360 bros will be sippin' on when March 16th rolls around.

-Alpha5017d ago

But this one surprised me, it maintained the humor while still showing God of War's serious side.

Also, they have two ads, one which is pure God of War so there's nothing to complain about.

I still want an ad that uses bits and pieces of trailers though, I especially want to hear Kratos' voice in a future ad as I find that the way he tells the story really makes the game stand out.

Anyways, great ad, Kevin Butler really delivers his lines well.

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Dark-Angel095017d ago

Thanks for coming... Hahahahahahahaha

Redempteur5017d ago

kevin butler ads are really awesome ..

DeforMAKulizer5017d ago

Ok... Ugh... Ok hold on.... *Slashes, brutally kills and seeks wrath!*... Thanks for coming!!!!

Cajun Chicken5017d ago (Edited 5017d ago )


Edit: 'Regional Manager of War'!

tdogchristy905017d ago

I can't wait. The last time I remember crying (not literally) was halo 3 when the opening started, the graphics at the time were just mind blowing. Another cry moment for me was 300 the movie, it was amazing. Yes I skipped the killzone 2 thing, it just wasn't my cup of tea.

I'm so ready for God of War 3 to make me cry and be wowed, jaw dropped.

PS360PCROCKS5017d ago

Hmm I'm not going to cry...but if that's your cup of tea I suppose