Feature: Roboblitz interview

From : "While the Xbox Live Arcade might be the best thing to happen to consoles since online gameplay, it still lacks in good original titles (Cloning Clyde is a great example of what could be done though) and is filled with weird puzzle games and rehashes of old retro titles. So when a developer comes up with an original title specially tailored for the Xbox Live Arcade (PC version is in the works as well) we can only applaud that. If that developer manages to use the Unreal Engine 3 while keeping the game within the 50MB limit then they have our full attention and anticipation. Such is the case with Naked Sky's RoboBlitz. So we mailed them a couple of Q's a few weeks back and got a couple of A's from Naked Sky's Tian Mu the other day. Full interview and exclusive screenshots after the jump!"

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