chidori6665014d ago (Edited 5014d ago )

it only does 576 p :P

snaz275013d ago

next gen they should go for cassette tape! just like the spectrum! amagine how much money they could save!

Udidntlistenpunk5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

No installing
Superior graphics with no jaggies
One Blu Ray Disc
No loading times
Dualshock3 compatible
Superior sound

Playstation 3 version is without any doubt superior.

Playstation 3, home of Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy Versus 13.

Year of the Playstation 3, get used to it.

I know. Thats not the first time things like that has happened.
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was vastly superior on the PS3 with much more added content, extra characters, better graphics, improved camera (fixed the bugs) angle, improved action gameplay. And even added a COOP mode (which is one of the main arguments used to deduct points from PS3 games).

And look at where that got m from sites like IGN(orant).

Their forums exploded that day with angry people questioning their methods and did you know what they said? They basically said that because its on PS3, they are more critical of the game.

If thats true, than why are they and every other site always comparing PS3 with 360?

I said it before and Ill say it again: THE GAMING INDUSTRY IS CORRUPT.

Death24945013d ago

Gamespot scored Bayonetta on the ps3 lower(rightly so) because it was inferior to the 360 version.

But Gamespot scored Final Fantasy 13 for 360 ( WTF!?) the same as the ps3 version. When the ps3 version is vastly superior to the 360. I mean 1080p vs 576p. Really!?

TheLog5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

Anyways, ive said it before but this video just enforce my opinions.
What a great job porting, the difference is unnoticable to casual gamers. I mean without the xbox or ps3 logo, very most majority of people cant tell which is which. Only fanboys cares about this microscopic difference, hell at times the xbox version looked better.

@Death2429 have you even look at the video, the difference for FF13 is microscopic. Bayonetta got low score on PS3 is because of peformance and bugs...

Bot Smasha5013d ago

For a cheap ass console like the 360 what do you expect? it look like sh!t

DOMination5013d ago

Metacritic proves the 360 version is better. The most reliable source in the industry (Edge) reviewed the PS3 version and gave it 5/10. Enough said.


The biggest final fantasy games were on play station...(get over it )and the best ones (with the exception of 5)...Which came out later

Corepred45013d ago

really. enough said? lmao. so on metacritic ps3 version has a rating of 50 from EDGE but the 360 version doesn't? lmao am i missing something?

bruddahmanmatt5013d ago

Funny how there wasn't a single mention of the PS3 version of FFXIII being vastly superior to the 360 version in GT's review. Like IGN and Gamespot, GT is at a loss for words when it comes to owning up and admitting that the Playstation actually did something better than the xbox. Whatever.

Me? I already know compromises were made to the game in order for it to be xbox compatible. I'll be waiting for the "International Version" that you know is coming within a year or two, hopefully with a Japanese language track. Not like there's a shortage of other great games on the PS3 this year anyway.

Jamie Foxx5013d ago

Gt have been caught on 3 seperate occassions doctoring videos in favour of 360 and they still act like they are credible? Anyone apart from 360 cheerleaders who believe anything from gt are in one word 'blinded'

Greywulf5013d ago

People are trying to make the argument that its "buh buh just the performance that makes ps3 versions lower" No, its JUST visual hiccups, lack of resolution, etc. We have been hearing this since day 1. "o ps3 version had a screen tear? FLOP 1/10!"...

Sure, versions that have performed barely different have also been scored lower. The point is that its always scored differently for ANY difference. Theres always a PS3 then 360 review.

Except for FF13.. its fun but IGN/Gamespot, hell.. everyone just lost their credibility to appease MS. So if they did it for this, what makes you think they haven't been sided this entire time?

FamilyGuy5013d ago

People on the site actually believe they look the same

Nothing beats having a game at home on your own tv when i comes to comparisons. The only time these two versions look the same is in SD AND on a small screen (at or under 22 inches).

There is a world of difference on my 47in HDTV though and that's just in video.

Harry_Manback5013d ago

Haven't even played it yet...

And it already looks better than the 360 version ;)

Myze5013d ago


Yes, the Playstation brand has had more good FF games, so people can quit claiming it's a Nintendo series. However, it seems you are implying that the Playstation iterations are better, except for 5? If that's what you are saying, I strongly disagree. 5 is a decent game, but falls more into the group with FF1-3. FF4 and 6, however, are just as good as any FF released on the PS, with 6 being my favorite (7, 8, 9 and 10 are all a tie for 2nd, unless you count Tactics, which would be 2nd). That being said though, you can find the ps1 version for all the earlier FF games.

As for the video, the difference is fairly substantial, especially on a decent sized HDTV (32"+), with the biggest difference easily being the FMVs, which go down from 1080p on the 360, which is barely 1/2 the resolution.

mastiffchild5013d ago

Log-No. Byonetta on the PS3 was NEVER any worse of a port than FF13 to 360 is. Neither have anything even approaching game breaking(even by comparison to the better console version)wrong with them and , personally, I'd have left it at a mention in the words of my review and not marked EITHER port down on the scores. Bayonetta did have some slowdown and some long loads but that was it for what you could ever really notice and the game looked and ran a LOT better than a lot of sites and their screenshots would have you believe. I CHOSE the PS3 version after p[laying a bit of both because the differences were so small that ,my preference for the DS3 over the 360- pad was a way more important factor in my decision!

In all honestly there's possibly MORE reason to switch to the PS3 version of FF13 than there was to go the other way over Bayo. FF13 on 360 loses out on resolution and audio and for a FF HD title I think they're massively important aspects of your experience-for such a visually strong series it's poor to offer 360- only gamers a sub HD performance for their long awaited, much vaunted and much advertised by SE's words as either identical or better than the PS3s, version of FF13.Then you have the fact you need three discs to swap around on the 360 and , though that's not the end of the world in any sense it IS another difference that favours the PS3 this time out-how does it NOT compare to the, now patched and near as damn gone, Bayo problems?

Certainly, though, there's no way either are too weak to play and given the power I'd, again, never dock a point for such tiny beans,.However, if you as a site , docked one you must do the same to the other or risk looking a little more biased than they really should be able to get away with. I expect a little leaning towards the console of your readerships choice but this is going a little too far as the net effect on Metacritic is misleading to gamers and makes a nonsense of the whole review and meta system.

I don't accept, though, for one minute that there were any more or any greater reasons to dock Bayo PS3 than there are to dock FF13 360 because there just aren't. All we want is consistency as n one expects perfection but if you want to make a massive deal of one you really should do about the other. Double standards really are damaging to the credibility of the gaming media-just no need for it at this level where it actually gets to the point where gamers can easily get the wrong impression from Metacritic as a result of a lt of sites only reviewing the PS3 version as those sites also seem to be the ones hammering SE's game in general and adding in GS and GT who SHOULD be docking points off the 360 version(in order to appear fair and even handed)but just aren't is allowing the 360 version to appear to review a little better even though it's easily the weaker(though it's not nearly as world crushingly poor as some make out and will be almost equally enjoyable if not totally unless you're a freak for the HD and lossless auidio or think swapping discs just because MS stuck with DVD9 and then didn't put an HDD on every console, is not OK!)version of the two.

It isn't the end of the world but does show a bit of a double standard in effect to me.

EvilBlackCat5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

Can you spot the Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuge difference between both versions?

Come on i was expecting a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuge leap from Blu-Ray Version.

well that is what you guys make me believe.

Harry_Manback5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

And a huge moron.

andron5013d ago

Watch bot DF and Lens of Truth's comparisons and you'll see that Gametrailers HD video is badly encoded, making the PS3 version look worse than it really is.

Can't believe anyone trust Gametrailers comparisons, and that nobody calls them out on this...

ludabenza5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

Everybody knows which version looks better. But unfortunately Gametrailers video quality sucks, so I doubt you can get the full detail within these videos. Gametrailers videos have resolution of 960x540 for their HD videos and are heavily compressed. Source within the first paragraph below.

The 360 iteration of FF13 is barely above this. Whereas the PS3 version is 720p ingame but 1080p with pre-rendered CG. I do not think that everyone will notice the difference right away. The only way in which you will notice a difference is if you have them side by side. But the PS3 is clearly superior in this case. Anyway the choice is clear if you have the choice, otherwise you can still enjoy the game nonetheless elsewhere.

DevastationEve5013d ago

PS3 is 720p gameplay and 1080p movies. PS3 couldnt handle these graphics at 1080, just like it couldn't handle Uncharted 1 or 2 at 1080p, KillZone 2 at 1080p, or God of War 3 at 1080p. All those games are 720p, this one including.

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IaMs125013d ago

Well to be honest this video doesnt do either version justice. I watched my friends sync up the open videos on 2 Xboxs and it looked beautiful! even for the 360 version. But from this video i do not see any difference in the 2 versions, i would like to see it first hand.

ironmonkey5013d ago

playing the ps3 version now! good thing i dont have to worry about bad textures and installations

Dannagar5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

Neither version has to worry about installation. Every Xbox 360 game has optional installation. Texture maps are the same on each version.

shazui1235013d ago

texture maps arent. Ps3 has superior texture maps, this is easily seen in previously released screenshots (think it was by digital foundry if it helps)

Dannagar5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

Game resolution and the resolution of the texture maps used within a game are different. Both games uses the same texture maps. Square Enix didn't have to use lower resolution texture maps for Xbox 360.