MLB 2k7 gets updated; more bugs though

Anyone still playing Major League Baseball 2k7 from 2K Sports would have been delighted to receive a patch towards the end of last week, one that included a roster update amongst others. However, as with most things, there seems to be a problem that almost everyone is experiencing, to do with corrupted data. Sweet joy.

Firstly, a list of changes that the update seems to have done:

* Classic stadium: Many classic stadiums will arrive soon in marketplace
* Slider saving glitch: Has been fixed
* Offline/Online Fielding Camera added: Broadcast or Pole
* ERA saving bug: The franchise ERA works properly
* Player Highlights time of day glitch: Exhibition mode the time clock is fixed and players get the highlight treatment
* Hideki Okajima, Kei Igawa, and Matsuzaka now have their own windups
* Matsuzaka's picture has been added

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