G4TV: Final Fantasy 360/PS3 Comparison Split-Screen Video

If you're already interested, but you're can't decide between the PS3 and the 360 versions, check out the following comparison video to see how they stack up side-by-side. We highly recommend viewing this in HD for maximum effect.

JOLLY15013d ago

Wait.....those are the "huge" differences?

SeanScythe5013d ago

Big Differance when it's on a HDTV and not on a PC monitor in low res video.

Raf1k15013d ago

You must have seen the screen shots and it's pretty obvious when you view both at 720p. The difference ends up more obvious when viewed on a large screen.

JOLLY15013d ago

Well I haven't seen moving comparisons yet. I have see the photos. I didn't watch it in standard def. Go to the site to watch the hd video. I guess 42" is small these day, but I didn't think it was that small.... :(. I am just saying in motion, is it really noticable?

Greywulf5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

Watching a internet video on a 42 inch tv for quality is a waste of time.

These types of differences have always been big enough to lower PS3 versions of games. FF13-360 even gets lower marks in graphics, yet the same exact score as the PS3 version as well. Never the other way around.

You guys aren't really able to defend this one. Its the double standard we always talk about. FF13 proves that Microsofts advertising budget for this Playstation franchise is more important than letting 360 owners know their game is subhd.

i3eyond the Circle5013d ago

So we can't see the difference in motion.....we need to look at some still images to see this "huge" difference.

Some people just can't face the fact that this issue is not as big as they want it to be.

Isn't there some God of War 3 reviews today. Go there and stay. Good boys.

soxfan20055013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

"You guys aren't really able to defend this one. Its the double standard we always talk about. FF13 proves that Microsofts advertising budget for this Playstation franchise is more important than letting 360 owners know their game is subhd."

Playstation franchise??? Did you just start gaming this generation?

I guess all those FF games on NES, SNES, etc. were just a figment of my imagination.

FF existed LONG before Playstation did. FF's success on previous consoles paved the way for it to still remain relevant once Sony & MS came along.

EDIT - I don't care about refuting your other points. It's the EXACT same game on both consoles, with just a BARELY noticaeble difference in graphics separating the two - hardly the monumental difference that PS3 gamers were trying desperately to convince people existed. Some PS3 people are so hung up on graphics that they don't realize that GAMEPLAY is the most important factor. If the gameplay suffered on the 360, that would be a serious issue, but that is not the case.

Greywulf5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

The sooner you understand thats the issue, the better. If a PS3 version of a multiplat runs SubHD, its the end of the world, questions of the cell are brought up about game development, Sony is doomed articles surface as well.

Now, you have it proven that the 360 version isn't up to the same level the PS3 version is, its a huge franchise, huge advertising push, and yet nothing. PS3 folks have been saying for years that these differences hardly affect gameplay, yet.. lower score.

The media isn't reviewing the 360 version for what it is, as all ps3 versions of games have been reviewed and deducted points for texturing problems/resolution. You want to try to not understand that again? Proving that the differences are insignificant in motion should raise all the scores of PS3 ports with only graphical display problems. But that wont happen.

Much like everything else sony fans have said, hopefully everyone changes their mind on this whole lower score for multiplat thing, now that Microsoft is in the error.


Calm down, you know full well its associated with over a decade of Playstation gaming & gamers. Which is why MS bought into it. Which is why the PS3 version is superior. I didn't say its exclusive. Don't try to pretend you're some wizard of gaming because you can drop some old consoles. If FF didn't enjoy the success it had on the Playstation brand, it would be irrelevant today. I mean, i think most people know this. Good job ignoring the points that I said you cant refute though ;).


Soxfan, ps3 games have been scored lower for having the same gameplay yet *minor* graphical hiccups. Its always BARELY noticeable. Like Bioshock... Which had the same performance rpoblems the 360 had, but texture popin. So again, double standard. How are you missing this? You're saying the exact thing we have been saying all these years. Gameplay is the same. Graphics still lower the score, for ps3 titles and only ps3 titles. Clearly.

i3eyond the Circle5013d ago


Another one to add to the list of fanboys saying YOU NEEDZ an HDTV to tellz da differencezz!!!

TheLog5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

To fanboys those are HUMONGUS difference cause they would say anything to make themselves feel better about their choice of console.

What are those FB have to say now, hd video comparision is always better than screens.

Pennywise5013d ago

The "HUGE" difference isnt worth mentioning unless it is something BIG like an extra 2-3seconds of load time... RIGHT JOLLY?

<3 hypocrites.

BulletToothtony5013d ago

if it was the other way around i'm sure you would've said..

"Damn those are HUGE differences"

Christopher5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

Technically speaking, they are HUGE differences. What I mean by this is the technological implications. It's a shame that they had to go with such poor bitrate conversion for the 360 and the issues on the PS3 version were only magnified greatly on the 360 rather than using the GPU a bit more to at least hide them where possible.

I can easily tell the differences in the video and it would be even easier on my 52" XBR9. But, they're not huge to the eye and I can see only demoting a point at most for the graphical differences.

Let's hope SE improves their core engine to better translate PS3 game elements over to the 360 and improves the conversion process of cinematics.

@Hisiru below: You might want to look up the definition of minimal. Minor differences, yes. Minimal? No, unfortunately not. Lots of multiplatform games have proven that minimal is much less than what SE put out.

Hisiru5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

Huge difference my a**. Let's talk like real gamers and realize that the difference is MINIMAL while you play the game, you can buy the game in any of the consoles and enjoy it without any problems, same with Bayonetta, the ps3 version is NOT very different from the x360 version.

The 3 discs thing is a good excuse if you are a physically handicapped. Damn, I played in the ps1~ps2 era and swap discs never killed me.

Let's just enjoy the game and stop trying to make the other version appear to be a piece of crap, because it's not a piece of crap as you may think, the difference is minimal.

Seriously, stop acting like a child trying to show how your ball is more colorful than the other balls, go play with your ball the way it is (I am talking with PS3 fanboys AND x360 fanboys).

HolyOrangeCows5013d ago

Another sub-HD, low-res video comparison.

Pennywise5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

Hisiru, I've been gaming on PC since before HL1... RESOLUTION ALWAYS was a big matter. FFXIII is half the rez on the 360.

Since when is resolution not a big difference? Every time a PS3 had less Res than the 360 it was spammed daily.

Hypocrites I tell ya...

morganfell5013d ago

This is great for the 360. Because they show it in HD but on a small screen most people are fooled into thinking they are close in quality. And fooling people is the art of MS marketing. Take that same so called HD video and watch it on a TV. The chasm widens considerably...

Hisiru5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

Are you calling me hypocrite even if I NEVER complained about graphics on a ps3 game? In some posts here I am actually praising the ps3. Why are you so defensive? Do you even know me to call me "hypocrite"? lol

Also, I saw the 2 videos and the screens in HD (not standard resolution, I have a good PC), I can't even notice the difference.

Here sir:

2cents5013d ago

these comparison vids still dont get across how it will actually look on a 1080p panel. With all opinions and emotions aside, looking at just the facts about the numbers and compression will give you the answer, weather people wanna believe it or not. truth is the truth.
If you have a choice, get it on PS3, if not there is no shame in picking it up on 360 and playing it.

duplissi5013d ago

lol, a highly compressed video comparison = fail.... the video looks worse than the game does..... on either system.

caladbolg7775013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

When there's not a lot of action of screen, there really isn't too much of a difference (atleast not anything that I'd say "DON'T BUY THIS GAME" over). But, damn, once the action starts up and things get into motion, the 360 version gets left in the dust. I can only imagine the differences being more striking in 1080 with uncompressed video.

Blur + Macro blocking = lose.

All in all, that really sucks. I wish Square could have pushed for better parity between the two versions. I wouldn't wish a shotty port on anyone. It's one thing when it's a meaningless game like Bayonetta or Ghostbusters, but Final F*CKing Fantasy? I guess I just expect more out of Squeenix.

Blaster_Master5013d ago

What are you guys on? This is All CG, you can tell the difference between the two when its during gameplay. Show us a gameplay vid Gametrailers? Or are you too scared?

chaosatom5013d ago

I came to say the same thing.

JokesOnYou5013d ago

Only on n4g:

A vid comparison showing a multiplat graphics looking very close to equal, gameplay about identical followed by "Well on a 80" hdtv you will notice the difference, so they should have deducted points."= $11.97

A vid comparison where one version has a few graphical issues, but most importantly has apparent framerate slowdowns, however the vast majority of the reviews are scored the same, none preferring the better version calling for more lower scores of the lesser version, followed by silence from the same folks on their soapbox now.= $49.99

The majority of ps3 loyalists on n4g continuing to prove Destructoid comments spot on about them= priceless.


Triella5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

You just need a video showing gameplay and not only CGI in the right resolution. In this video the commentator also says that PS3 version is more fluid whereas 360 version has to struggle with serveral annoying hiccups, and that's some big difference.

goflyakite5013d ago

N4G: not a big deal when PS3 > 360, HUGE DEAL when 360 > PS3.

KiRBY30005013d ago

@JOY: i read your comment twice and it still doesnt make any sense to me. what the hell are you talking about?

@goflyakite: yeah, pretty much.