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Ultra-realistic graphics in GTA 4

A new version of the well-known game mod ENB Series is out that changes the look of GTA 4 in a dramatic way. The lighting is changed to a super-realistic look, besides that ambient occlusion and anti-aliasing is added. PCGH shows the beauty of the "new" GTA 4.

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bobcostus5240d ago

Looks alright, wouldn't say "ULTRA REALISTIC" though...

Sm0k3y_Bac0n5240d ago (Edited 5240d ago )

More realistic than regular GTA IV, but yh, theres better graphics out there. To me it just seems to have made things a bit more shiny and defined. Cars look good, but the buildings kind of let the screenshots down.

And where the hell are the PS3 fanboys shouting about this is what the game could have looked like if Xbox hadn't weighed it down?

jamesgtaiv5240d ago

in certain areas at night its almost photo-realistic. ENB+Exagerated blood mod= can see nikos reflection in the blood.

mugoldeneagle035240d ago (Edited 5240d ago )

Why no PlayStation 3 games have taken advantage of incorporating mods into games like UT3 did. I played the hell out of it just because of them and the UT3 community came out with some real cool stuff.

And there are ton's of games, most notably GTA/Fallout 3, that I'm sure I'd play a lot more had the option be there. I mean, it adds a ton of replay ability and makes even the mediocre games better (not referring to GTA or Fallout)

I don't really get the technical aspect of it though, so can someone explain to me why we haven't seen more mod-enabled PS3 games?

champ215239d ago

There is no question the playstaton 3 or the xbox 360 are capable of mods too.

However developers will not like to give console users mod tools. Reason being they would like console users to buy their dlcs instead of getting free mods.

Also Mods will increase the life of the game. Typically developers on consoles want the consumer base to run out for the next game, this would reduce if current games are given mod tools.


I don't think the term ultra realistic should be used in a sentence unless your game looks as good or better than Crysis.

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hailSLAYER4205239d ago

im here this is what gta 4 woulda should coulda looked like if it wasnt for dumbing it down for 360

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Charmers5240d ago

I wouldn't say those are the best screenshots I have seen of GTA 4 with the ENB series mod, you can find better pics here :-

EvilBlackCat5240d ago

Now because of this i cant wait for a Red Dead Redemption PC modded version.

Charmers5240d ago

I wouldn't hold my breath for Red Dead Redemption to come to the PC. It's prequel "Red Dead Revolver" was never brought to the PC and to be honest the way Rockstar behaves towards the PC these days I can't see them bringing RDR to the PC.

Marquis_de_Sade5239d ago

Wow, those screens are razor sharp and incredibly detailed, stunning stuff indeed.

jjesso19935240d ago

looks good but graphics will never make gta 4 the game should been.

Major Kanimo5240d ago

lets hope rockstar puts there ballz to teh wallz n gets down to bizzzzzz

XxRoosterxX5240d ago

All I read is people complaining that GTA4 was overrated, but nobody bothers to explain themselves.....

Major Kanimo5240d ago

the driving felt like u where driving a boat on water, they took out all the cool elements from GTA 4, the map was smaller than gta 4, the story got kinda dragged on as time went by, and im sure theres a few other points

BUT with that been said i did enjoy many hours of online games on GTA with my friends :)

RonRico5240d ago

Not 2 be a d*ck but have you played the previous couple GTA's before? The fun factor wasn't as high in IV.

edhe5239d ago

I found gta4 a chore to play - rented the DLCs just to see how they were and for the life of me can't get into their clunkyness after the smooth play of mw2.

I much preferred saints row 2 to gta4, coop & mad funz all the way.

corneliuscrust5239d ago

You could brake and turn 180, the brake would keep you going in reverse so you could peg targets behind you, then just tap the stick to the side and hammer on the gas and you have another 180 that falls right into line. Once you got a little practice with the mechanics, the driving worked quite nicely for actual practical maneuvers. Practice is necessary

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ER1X5240d ago

People still play this game? lol

ThatArtGuy5240d ago

There's a lot of depth in the game that a lot of people dismissed. It seems that you might be one of them.

jamesgtaiv5240d ago

I still find like 10 full servers of 32 when i go on.

BubbleSystemSuck5240d ago

Where i can download it?
I dont like play on my PC anymore... but i just want to try a better GTA4.

GTA5 PC and PS3 only please