OXCGN's Guitar Hero: Van Halen Review


"Having played all the renditions of both Guitar Hero and Rockband on the Xbox 360, it is hard to mask my initial disappointment at Van Halen.

Whilst both Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero have used the flashy new career mode system, which includes challenges that encompass all instruments and play styles, it is clear that Van Halen was produced before either of those games, because it reverts back to an old style which is similar to the other band specific games."

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BadCircuit4717d ago

Wow low score...seems the series is really losing it.

Belgavion4717d ago

This must have been the game where Activision thought 'uh....maybe we shouldn't 17 Guitar Hero SKUs the next fiscal year'

After playing the demo what I find strange is that the engine seems to be from Guitar Hero 4 (world tour) and not GH5. I know Van Halen came out late last year in the US but this is still a bit weird. I guess it shows how overdue it is

XboxOZ3604717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

I'm about well and truly 'over' the whole Guitar Hero thing, really, just how far can they stretch making a buck from a game that is basically the same on each outing, with the exception of the band fronting it. sheesses.

At least Rock Band offered a different challenge and level of user involvement, and it shipped with more gear and much more support. So I suppose the score reflects that.

I can say I'll not be too saddened when the stop making the games, which I believe is high on the cards for this year sometime.

Godem4717d ago

Guitar Hero needs to die for a few years

gaminoz4717d ago

Activison seems to have become the new EA....put out the same franchise with a slight difference over and over.

Seriously just let people download the songs and features...

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