Spawn Kill Two Brains Review: Dante's Inferno

Everyone knows the old saying – "Two heads are better than one." For the most part, it's true. Get more people thinking about something, and everyone benefits – you get more and different opinions that might help you shape the way you think about… well, anything. It's with this mindset that Molotov Cupcake and Snarkasaur have had a meeting of the minds to discuss Dante's Inferno for the both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in this Two Brains review.

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K-Tuck4718d ago

Some very good points are made. It's good to see both sides of an equation within one review.

ZBlacktt4718d ago

This is a darn good game! Been saying it now for weeks. Despite all the bad reviews I've seen on here. I'd suggest everyone rent it for a week yourself and play it. You too will be surprised on how good it is.

tigresa4718d ago

Woot! I'm glad it didn't score below an 8, just cuz it steals from GoW doesn't make it a bad game and it has plenty to let it stand afloat on its own two feet to be worth an 8 or higher. Good job!

Snarkasaur4718d ago

Can't believe we forgot to mention all the nudity. That would have skyrocketed it to the top of n4g. D:

ZBlacktt4718d ago

Yes, man the boobs in this game are everywhere, lol. It's something you'd want to think about playing with kids around. Or your mother for that fact, lol.

rrquinta4718d ago

I'll probably rent this eventually, but I have other games I need to get through first lol. :)