Preview: Rock Band

So you wanna be a rock superstar? Live large? Big house? Five cars? Rent charged? We all do, buddy. From stroppy emo kids who haven't so much as picked up an instrument since they were forced to learn the recorder in school to desperate wannabes still kicking a beaten-up old van all over the country just waiting for the big break, that's always two steps ahead of them, more or less everyone has at some point dreamed of making it big.

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sa_nick5567d ago

Nothing new here. I really can't wait like 5 months for this game to come out, it's gonna be awesome.

BlackIceJoe5567d ago

After seeing the pictures of what the Drums and Guitar will look like reading Game Informer. I can't wait to play the game. I for one think the way Rock Band is trying to start a new wave of music games is really neat and I for one hope RB really does well.

Plus having RB and Guitar Hero will only help make each other game better through good old competition