Eternal Sonata Trailer

IGN has posted a trailer for Eternal Sonata just in time for E3. Enjoy.

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Babylonian5633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

This game looks like it really sucks. And it's trying to be a Kingdom Hearts clone. Anyway, Folkore looks much better than this.

@Lex Luthor
You have PS3? All you do is bash the PS3 as much as you can, if you really do have a PS3 than you're a moron.


If the music turns you on more than the game itself then I respect that, but you forgot that the music of Nobou Umatsu is much better in epic games than some historical classic music. for exapmle "Liberi Fatali" and "One Winged Angel" are a fe of his masterpieces. So if you care more for the music then Kingdom Hearts is much better.

Lex Luthor5633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

In what way is this game even remotely regarded as a kingdom heart clone?
I've got the folklore demo on my ps3 and that really does suck.


popup5633d ago

The final hours of Chopin sounds nothing like Donald Duck to me.

...and what isn't a clone of something else today anyway?

bababrooks5633d ago

hey are blinded by fanboyisim.any way enjoy the school holidays and in a few years you may be old enough to play games like this(you could always ask santa to put it in your stocking).

toughNAME5633d ago

a desperate sony fanboy trying to justify his $600 purchase

sad really

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Bloodmask5633d ago

after Oblivion. I really like the art direction used in this game. It is full of vibrant colors.

Looks like Namco is really going to deliver this generation.

boi5633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

ermm nice looking rpg looks like a buy if its good but remind me of wild arms on the ps2 which is not so good :) and this doesn't look like anything new, seems to me its like it just don't offer much new to the battle system...well hope its good

Lex Luthor - *i've got the folklore demo on my ps3 and that really does suck. * do u mean the folklore demo sux?! bcause to me its pretty addictive and good...

Xeoset5633d ago

Awesome, after the demo i can't wait for this game.

Great art style
Great music
Great battle mechanics
Great story

Yes please.

JasonXE5633d ago

the story seemsto hold up, and i love the art direction. It should make for a good roleplaying game. I'm probably going to buy this a long with Blue Dragon, and hopefully Mass effect this fall. Did I mention how good the music is? It came out in japan already so I"m hoping the soundtrack for Eternal Sonata is released to listen to it.

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