Madden 08: 60 frames on the 360; 30 frames on the PS3

America's favorite pastime will come to consoles, later this summer. has confirmed that the Xbox 360 versions of Madden NFL 08 (August), All-Pro Football 2K8 (July), and NCAA Football 08 (July) will run at 60 frames per second, whereas the PS3 editions are locked at just 30fps. In the simplest of terms, this means that the 360 versions will run smoother and faster, and you'll have an easier time noticing subtle animations.


Todd Sitrin, EA's vice president of marketing sports branding, replied:
"We want to make sure that we give the best experience we can on each platform. In designing a game, there are all sorts of tradeoffs that include frame rate, visuals, features, AI, etc. Football is an extremely challenging sport to replicate because of the number of people on the field, their interaction, and the scope of the environments. As you can see, every company making a football game this year made a decision that the best experience for the Xbox 360 included 60fps whereas the best experience for the PS3 was 30fps. We certainly believe that both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are our football products are outstanding experiences and recommend that each gamer look at the entire experience, not just one aspect. We think they'll be very happy no matter which version of the game they play."

CyberSentinel5823d ago

360 Scores!

Final score...

360 - 60
ps3 - 30

360 Wins!

genericname5823d ago

actually the 360 is in failure rate.

Crazyglues5823d ago (Edited 5823d ago )

CyberSentinel.. Now that's funny. :)

Don't worry PS3 I still love you... even if game developers refuse to re-design the code specifically for your hardware, and instead keep choosing to just port over their Xbox 360 code.

kellik5823d ago (Edited 5823d ago )

Face it. Read it. It's all over N4g... IBM this IBM that.. Stanford research.. Etc etc etc........ every trailer every game action is shot on the xbox 360...

Sony needs to pay these developers to work on their system to see money on the back end..

When and if.. This thing will rock... But right now 9 months after purchase i want a refund.. serious.. I bought it originally stood in line for investment 73h hrs later that dream was gone.. Been waiting weeks checked everything for Ncaa 08 Bought the 1080p 32 inch screen.. I feel let down.. Almost cheated...

Not by sony... They just failed in the motto
BUILD IT THEY WILL COME... not this year... maybe 2050.
Football.. Football.. How can you not beg and plead them pay a fortune to just say please please shoot this monkey once and for all called 360.... make me the game that is truly next , next and last
no one can deny our brilliance in the system

maybe they meant real football fifa or Pes.. can't wait to be dissappointed again..

Sony should get some guts and deny them the rights to console...
they hurt Sony more than they would by not having em..
Should have partnered exclusive for All pro.. Shown the gaming and sports world how to do it..

Nice job Sony your rocket has blasted off only to be good for someone with brains on a different planet to code it..
or perhaps
American ideals ... Japan builds us something we can but , don't want to take the time to code.. So we get lazy and build to the lowest dedominator... great ideals.. that's what america's about...

actually, Selling as much, for as much, for as cheaply as you can..
is that closer to reality Did Sony not relize their American marketplace.. no one likes competition hard work that's why Ea owns exlusive license's..

I already feel i have wasted enough of my life on video games.. Maybe i'll return the tv/treadmill too... 8]*!!#@ EA

tethered5823d ago

One more reason to go with "All-Pro Football 2K8"

I have a feeling I'm not the only one making the switch.
(on either system)

EA's run is over even with the rights to the NFL name. (I hope)

Same crap over and over.

Munky5823d ago

" has confirmed that the Xbox 360 versions of Madden NFL 08 (August), All-Pro Football 2K8 (July), and NCAA Football 08 (July) will run at 60 frames per second, whereas the PS3 editions are locked at just 30fps."

Did you miss that part?

Omegasyde5822d ago

EA games have been horrible lately and I really wish they didn't have the NFL license. They can't make the game at 60 frames on the ps3? Why did they even bother on the ps3 version since people will buy the 360 version now?
It seems that the ps3 version won't even sell at a 1/4 of what the 360 version will sell because of this. So all the development on the ps3 version will be in vain, and they will lose money off that project. More money down the toilet for EA just like Medal of Honor and Need for speed.

I know they will give the ps3 version a exclusive feature, like juking with the 6axis or hiking the ball...but no one cares. I think I will buy all pro this year, on xbox perhaps or whatever has a deal. EA won't get my money for a while.

witchking5821d ago

All of the football franchises (EA's Madden and NCAA, and 2K's All Pro Football) are going to be locked at 60 fps on the 360 and 30 fps on the PS3.

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Jay da 2KBalla5823d ago (Edited 5823d ago )

so glad that I can get the best version of the best football game on 360. I'd be pissed if I spent 600 dollars on a ps3 and have to play the inferior versions of almost every multiplatform game. And they say the ps3 is more powerful. Dont make me laugh.

Silky smooth 60fps for 200 dollars less. Man who would want to pay an extra 200 dollars for worse games.

Oh look a petition! lol

tethered5823d ago

"Oh look a petition! lol"

Haha! Nice!

zantetsuken5823d ago

Do some research first. You seemed intelligent at first, but opening your mouth spoiled the effect. Notice how the devs refused to comment on it? I wonder why...

Oh, look. Taken from IGN's Sigma review - "Texture resolution is great, character detail is fantastic and it runs at a blistering 60fps even at 1080p." NG runs at 60 fps and 1080? I thought this was impossible for the ps3? Hmm, I guess that means it's the devs?

Nice try, though. /me gives you some troll cookies. Enjoy.

Daishi5823d ago

Lets not forget that Ninja Gaiden ran silky smooth on the origanal xbox at a wopping 1080i res. Sigama does have nice $600 leaves blowing around though.

zantetsuken5823d ago (Edited 5823d ago )

Funny. Since you obviously don't know anything about resolutions. Native 1080p is much different than upscaled 1080i.

Btw, there's an even bigger difference considering Sigma is a True HD game, while the original only supported progressive scan.

Your logic of $600 is just too funny, seeing as you had to pay $400 to play an SD game in a horrid upscaled resolution. Oh, btw, let's not forget you had to pay $50 a year to even upload your leaderboard score. I'll be doing that for free :)

Be sure to check out this comparison: - I see much more than just leafs (not leaves, btw)... New weapons, levels, modes, missions, bosses, characters, downloadable content, etc.

Nice try, though.

Ignorant Fanboy5823d ago

I know they dont have over 600 leaves.

So even if we were paying a dollar a leaf, it would still be a ripoff.

gazza5823d ago

Correction to upload the leaderboard u only need to hve silver membership which is free

Thugbot1875823d ago

Comparing Sigma and Madden is ridiculous because Madden has more things on a given screen to render. You have 11 players on a screen from each team also added in there AI, Second you have the players in the stands all the signs and all the guys to render on the sidelines. Sigma if anything like the Ninja Gaden from the Xbox will have at most 10 enemies on screen at a given time. So they would have to deal with less overall they had to render. It makes a whole lot of since that the PS3 has problems in this area due to the memory issue.
You can have the fastest hardware in the world but without enough memory to feed the processor your processor will seem like the slowest thing out there.

hazeblaze5823d ago

Actually, if you've played Sigma and any other Maddens... you'll know that there's a lot more to render on screen on Sigma. Unless EA makes a major leap this go round, the only thing with a great deal of detail in their games is the characters... but everything in Sigma packs detail. But what really puts an end to this argument is the fact that Resistance packs more action & detail on screen at one time than either of these games and still runs at a silky smooth 60 fps w/o ever dipping. The problem is the devs, not the hardware.

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paracardium5823d ago

Miss the ninja gaiden sigma review? The dev's that made it at 30 not cause the console can't do it. Xbots are really really trying.

WANDA5823d ago

lol is a stupid phrase. makes you sound pompous.

the only people who need to "TRY" to defend anyone are those who bought a ps3.
and even then. i'm pretty sure everyone will change their opinions after e3.
there will be a reason to hype the ps3, so the owners won't feel so obligated to attack xbox owners to defend themselves.

get over the fact that ps3 is in a rut. it will get itself out, but until then, stop talking sh!t

Kokoro5823d ago

we're talking Football here, not Ninjas.

Ignorant Fanboy5823d ago

Instead of explaining why their version sux,

they just argue that ninja gaiden ran at 60 FPS, how come the rest of the PS3 games dont run that good?

Because ninja gaiden is a last-gen game. I could code that game to run at 60 FPS on my HP pavillion.