The Darkness PS3 vs. Xbox 360 comparison video

The Darkness has invaded two next-gen powerhouses and has lined them up so you can decide which has the graphical edge.

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Kokoro4222d ago

that the PS3 version has a nice hint of color to it. But an impressive game overall.

Snake_Doctor4222d ago

don't say that. Everyone knows the 360 is superior in all ways shapes and forms. You trying start a flame war

*Rabble Rabble RABBLE RABBLE*
Hey he was just kidding the 360 version has polygons so sharp his eyes are bleeding right now. Nothing to see here.

PSTripleOG4222d ago

The 360 version is dull!!!! hahahahahaha Disagree if you want xbots. LIL [email protected], look at the colour, THE COLOUR!!!! Picking this up for My PS3


Wotbot4222d ago

There is a Video quality setting were you have a colour correction option at the start of the game. This does add a more vibrant colour scheme. And you can choose a colour scheme that does looked washed out.

It must be said the PS3 version did have more colour in this video, but my 360 version which I have just watched again at the same starting sequence, isn't as washed out as the game appears on the Game trailers video.

This could be just a video setting more than anything else. If not then the PS3 version does have a bit more colour.

I also have a PS3 but wanted the 360 version because I have more of a friends list. It had nothing to do with graphics.

highps34222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

360 still has the AA edge slightly but neither version look bad and in motion not many people can tell the difference....

Enjoy the game, its pretty cool on either console.

Lord Anubis4222d ago

to me. I'm not saying its a fact but to me the PS3 version looks cleaner. The X360 version has way too much blur.

ImWithStupid4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

outdoes the PS3 on, it's a next gen image blurrer....lmao

there goes that "anit-aliasing" that the xbortions keep yapping about.

oh and as far as color, that's what RGB FULL does for the PS3 you xmorons, I would put my PS3 up against ANY 360 anyday because I know which console has the better graphics. I can see it with my own two eyes and don't need these bought and paid for sites like 1up to tell me which game "looks better". Even the idiots here know that but use it to get under PS3 fans skin.

this is also what happens when an unbiased website doesn't cripple the PS3's output. When you use HDMI,1080p,RGB FULL and super black/white contrast on a flatpanel display, THE PS3 VERSION DESTROYS THE 3FIXME IN EVERY GAME THEY HAVE IN COMMON.

to see these idiots carrying on and patting themselves in the back like they already won the war is comedy gold. I always knew in time the truth would come out and now it is. Suck on it xbots, you had it coming for being ignorant fanboys.

DrWan4222d ago

wow, I ask my friend to first look and tell me where the ps3 and xbox sign is, then i try to block it out for the whole video so i can be unbiased. I gotta to say, the color this time i have to give it to the PS3, i surprised myself there. I thought the xbox version would have better color bc it usually does, but this time PS3 has better color, it doesn't look as wash out as other ports. The xbox version on the other hand had a film of piss-green/yellow tint to it, wtf. TV setting?? or what

novaIS3504222d ago

Starbreeze dedicated two teams to each console when developing this game. Thats why the game looks equally stunning on both consoles. The minor variations being the Xbox360 not having the AA issues in certain areas, and the PS3 having a sweeter/deeper color palette.

Komrad4222d ago

I think the differences are minimal, unlike splinter cell. Regardless, it is an awesome game.